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Wade Adds New Story-Line To Bear-Bonnais

In case you haven't been around the web or listened to the Score in a couple of hours.....Bobby Wade visited KFAN w/Paul Allen earlier today and here's what has stirred all "Bear Nation" up:

Paul Allen (KFAN) asked Bobby Wade about his relationship with Lance Briggs and if they've talked about Jay Cutler and Wade brought up a conversation he had with Brian Urlacher last weekend in Las Vegas and he talked about it:

Wade: " I actually saw Brian Urlacher this past weekend in Vegas and we had a long conversation about it. And he was....he wasn't....I don't wanna get him in trouble, but it wasn't what they expected. Pretty much he said Jay Cutler is a P**** for the most part"

Now since this has to be G rated....P****....think of a word that rhymes with wussy but start it with a "P".

The Bears officially report on Friday to Bourbonnais and all the buzz has been about the acquisition of Jay Cutler. However, there are many other questions about this Bears team rather than who is taking the snaps. For example:

#1 - Who is Jay Cutler going to throw to exactly?
Bears WR Depth chart isn't that intimidating with the likes of Devin Hester (665 yds. 3 tds 2008), Earl Bennett (no stats), Rashied Davis (he's still around?), Juaquin Iglesias (Take a drink every time he's mention as a great singer), Johnny Knox (he was great in jackass...QUICK...TAKE A DRINK!!), and Brandon Rideau (?). This could be by far the worst WR core in the NFL and it'll be interesting to see how much better Jay Cutler can make these bunch of question marks this season.....if at all. In other words, thank god for Greg Olson who I think will have a career year this year.

#2 - Not Only questions about the defense getting better....but is the secondary gonna stop anyone?
Hopefully the back surgery Charles Tillman has doesn't keep him out too long, but then again when he comes back (which some say mid September and Tillman says week 1) will he be football ready? There's a difference between being healthy and being football ready and I fear that Tillman will be rushed back much like the White Sox rushed back Contreras this spring. Wasn't the same guy because he wasn't given the proper time frame to get baseball ready.

As far as the safeties go....does Craig Steltz, Kevin Payne and Josh Bullocks make you feel comfortable? Did you see tape of Josh Bullocks?? If not...
Josh Bullock New Orleans Tape....He\'s #29

Makes you wish to see Mike Brown back and pray he can stay healthy a whole year.

#3 - The offensive, but better?
With the additions of Pro Bowler Orlando Pace as well as Frank Omiyale, a healthy Chris Williams and Kevin Shaffer...the Bears made it a point to beef up the offensive line. Although I like what the Bears did, there is questions with each of the four names I just listed. Can Orlando Pace stay healthy and be productive? If Frank Omiyale is starting.....can he start a whole season (he's only started 1 game in a 4 year career)? Is Chris Williams ready for NFL type action on a down to down basis adjusting to the RT position when he's a career LT? Kevin, he's probably not going to be much of a factor anyway. Remember that the key to Jay Cutler's success and health depends on the horses in front of him.

#4 - The Marinelli Effect
The biggest coaching decision this off season isn't Lovie Smith deciding to call all defensive plays during a was the hiring of win-less Rod Marinelli as defensive line coach. The Bears defense was near the bottom of the NFL in sacks and that is something the need to improve. With pro bowlers like Tommie Harris and Adawale Ogunleye, they should be getting pressure on the QB which hopefully will lead to some turnovers. Rod Marinelli morphed Warren Sapp and Simeon Rice while he was in Tampa....let's see if he can do the same with Tommie and the prince.

AND NOW.....#5 - What does the team really think of Jay Cutler?
This will be the question asked to almost every player on the roster now that Bobby Wade leaked that Urlacher thinks Cutler is a P****. Do I believe Bobby Wade? I think so because I think it says something when an organization trades away a locker room favorite (Orton) to improve the position. You'll always get the usual "the NFL is a business line" from all the players, but I think there is something to be said about how teammates liked Kyle Orton and may not be comfortable yet with Cutler. Orton was named one of the team captains for a reason....he earned his spot to start a QB last year after all and therefore his teammates gave him the "C". Now after 1 season as their "captain", he's shipped out for the sexy top name guy in the NFL off season.

Look at your workplace. Say you have a co-worker that's been waiting for that opportunity to get that big promotion. He does everything he's asked and yet still gets criticized by management because it's never good enough. You feel sorry for the guy because he's a good guy that means and works well under high pressure situations. Then comes the day he gets his shot.....he does his best to keep the job. In fact, he works so hard that he's voted employee of the month. You feel so happy that a good guy finally got his break. Then he gets shipped over seas because the company likes this top name sales rep that they think will make the company more money. How do you feel about the good guy that worked so hard to get that shot, got it, then had it taken away from him?

I think that's how alot of the Bears players feel about Jay Cutler. Do I think that this could affect training camp and the mood of it? Not really because I'm sure once the team gets to know Cutler a little....a few weeks in Bourbonnais will help quiet the fires the Chicago media has already started to light.

Plus...who the f*** is Bobby Wade?

- RoCk

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