Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shame On You Chicago Baseball Fans....Where's The Love?

So this morning I get an e-mail update from MLB.COM about the deadline for all star voting and how the polls close at 11:59pm tomorrow (Thursday) night. As I pondered by ballot as I officially voted this morning, I searched the net for the voting results. Now I know that the Blackhawks run to the Stanley Cup, and the LeBron rumor mill have overshadowed our two bad baseball teams for most the season so far.....


What I found from the official results on MLB.COM......shame on you "Chicago Baseball Fan."


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Three Possible Players Kenny Williams Should Look To Trade For....

This is why I absolutely love the game of baseball. Within a span of three weeks, the Chicago White Sox 15-4 record have placed them only a full two games back of first place. The White Sox have done exactly what the experts thought they should do, take advantage of the schedule they have been handed. Between two last place teams in the National League (PIT/WASH) and some minor challenges (ATL/DET) in this stretch of June, the White Sox have put together their best month of baseball since June of 2006.

The best part of a winning streak and getting back into the division race is the White Sox have turned from sellers to buyers. The recent success has put them in the argument of how to improve before the trade deadline. So with the South Siders willing to spend some money, here are three ideas for Kenny Williams to look into.

Friday, June 25, 2010


From the same guys who brought you:

Chicago NOW has a LeBron James Anthem!!

Thanks to the fellas at The Retar Crew for taking on the challenge of writing a LeBron James anthem when they appeared on The Mully And Hanley Morning Show on WSCR 670AM The Score.

"WE WANT LEBRON" by The Retar Crew.......


Rumors Are Rumors....Just Give Me The Facts LeBron!

"The Summer Of LeBron" has officially begun with the NBA Draft coming to a close last night and NBA free agency set to begin next week. Possibly what could be considered the greatest collection of free agents in NBA history are all set to sail on a journey that will not only bring them riches, but many irate discussions among fans about the efforts of their respective team in landing one of the top names available.

The Chicago Bulls find themselves right in the middle of "TSOL" with the way the organization has gone about slashing payroll headed into the off season. The Bulls currently sit around $30,000,000 dollars under the NBA's salary cap for the '10-'11 season which could lure one BIG free agent or work the numbers to bring in two BIG free agents. The Bulls not only have the money to spend, but we all know that the youth and skill of Derrick Rose/Joakim Noah is as attractive to any free agent wanting to win a title in a short period of time in a weak Eastern Conference.

Ever since the top seeded Cleveland Cavaliers early exit from the NBA postseason happened, story after story about where LeBron James (the top free agent on the NBA market) would land popped up quicker than tweets about the World Cup. However, how much truth is behind the stories we read and can we really trust where the information is coming from?


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Don't Believe The Hype...These Are Still The 2010 Chicago White Sox

Can you believe it??

The Chicago White Sox are the hottest team in Major League Baseball winning their ninth straight game (and 14 of their last 16) and now stand at 2.5 games back of the first place Minnesota Twins. The White Sox recent stretch to go along with the Twins recent slide, the White Sox have erased six full games off the Twins division lead in only 18 days. Simply amazing and heading into the end of interleague play with a three game series against the inner-city rival Chicago Cubs, how can Sox fans not be as excited as their teams' play has been of late?

Although I am very happy about the recent success the White Sox have had, and am looking forward to this weekend's series against the Cubbies (who have lost nine of their last 14). I am not buying that this team is for real based on their record against a weaker National League and the teams they have beaten on this stretch.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Will The Success Of Team USA Soccer Mean Anything For The USA......

Today, history was made in South Africa as dramatic as anything in professional sports. For the first time since 1930, the United States won a group in a World Cup. The tension was monumental as the United States (0-0-2) needed a win to advance and yet through 90 minutes of play could not find the back of the net. Then on a last gasp rush to the net with a four on two breakaway, Landon Donovan (who most would consider the face of US Soccer) was simply in the right place at the right time striking a goal off a rebound to send the US to the next round.

So as with every other sport, what does the success of the US Soccer team in Johannesburg, South Africa do for the sport in their own home country?


Friday, June 18, 2010

Paying For Your Own Party?? See: LA Lakers....

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers on winning their 16th NBA Championship defeating the Boston Celtics in a game seven snore fest on Thursday evening. Kobe Bryant took home the NBA Finals MVP even after the great closer that he is could not close out the Celtics in crunch time last night. Kobe finished game seven with a team high 23 points but 11 of which came from the line. All in all, the NBA is the most predictable league in professional sports when it comes to projecting who will be in it at the end.

The parade should be something special I am sure as basketball rivals USC football in Los Angeles, but the planning for the parade is a little sketchy. How come you play a 82 game season, then 40 games in 40 nights and then you are franchise is stuck with the bill for the celebration?

That simply makes no sense.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Erin Andrews Inc. Proves She Is A Fraud.....

Fraud - a person who is not what he or she pretends to be. (per

One thing that always has pissed me off is how some people are so soulless that they benefit of a personal tragedy or a hardship put on people. When something truly tragic or hurtful happens to a person, the idea that they should capitalize off it is simply sickening to me. The latest example of this truly disgusting way of making a living is none other than ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews who was secretly video taped naked in a hotel rooms in Nashville, Tennessee and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I could not imagine what Erin Andrews was feeling when she found out about this video posted online for several months.

However in the aftermath of the video being released, I am starting to think that she never considered herself a victim...but more of an opportunist.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Noodle Art" Makes It's Way To Wrigley Field.....

You have probably heard the expression "anything for a buck" at some point in your life. Whether it be some handy work you agreed to do for a neighbor or selling an old family relic because you are having some trouble paying the monthly bills. We've all been through it but we all do it out of desperation of needing money.

The Chicago Cubs who brought in over 3,000,000 fans through the turnstiles for each of the last six years and one of the top payrolls in the game should never use the phrase "anything for a buck" because they are indeed more than just a baseball team. The Cubs are not desperate to bring in fans like a Pittsburgh Pirates/Cleveland Indians would be.

Then today I read about this....


Monday, June 14, 2010

3 Things To Look Forward To In Chicago Baseball Now That The Blackhawks Are Done....

Now that the Blackhawks memorable season has gone and past, its time to dust off the old glove and bat and welcome in something you have probably ignored for a good two months or so. Chicago baseball season is as hot as ever, but not for the reasons you may think. Of course with both sides of town sitting a respective seven and a half games back in their respectable divisions, there is not much to raise the pom pom's out and root root your north/south side team on to glory.

The interest level in baseball could be at an all time low, and instead of breaking down pitching matches or base running gaffes on the field of play, both sides of town are mired in what Marsha Brady would coin: "Drama, Drama, Drama"

So with Kenny and Ozzie feuding over family matters and Lou and Stoney feuding over right to opinions, what is the draw to get you interested in your Chicago baseball teams?? Hummmmmm....


Friday, June 11, 2010

Lou Piniella Rants About Chicago Media And Puts Foot In Mouth....

As I wrapped up my Blackhawks celebration day watching the parade from a comfy air-conditioned apartment on the north side of town, I got word that Lou Piniella got a little testy with the assembled media this morning. In his morning press conference, Lou went on a solid two minute rant about being "nitpicked" about his decisions as a manager by the same media he was spewing his rant to.

Lou...Lou....Lou....I think your rant is as lost as your managing style sometimes. Here's why


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Typical Chicago: Can't Properly Plan A Stanley Cup Celebration....

Today could indeed be one of the greatest days in Chicago sports history. If the Chicago Blackhawks take care of business and close the book tonight in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, many in this city and the surrounding area will have one late night celebrating the city's first pro sports title in five years and their first Stanley Cup in almost a half a century.

While many Blackhawks fans have been dreaming of Jonathan Toews taking hold of Lord Stanley's Cup from Commissioner Gary Bettman on Philadelphia's home ice, the party day to celebrate the title has been set. If the Blackhawks wrap it all up tonight, a ticker tape parade will occur this coming Friday.....friday...FRIDAY!!

Isn't that opening day for the Cubs/White Sox series?? Who is planning this parade??


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stephen Strasburg Is No "Savior"......yet

Today is a "Nationals" holiday in our nation's capital. Instead of breaking down exactly how President Barack Obama will work with republicans on the latest waste on money our country spends, the entire DC area is all "a-twitter" about the 21 year-old "savior" of the Washington Nationals Stephen Strasburg. The overall number one pick in the 2009 MLB draft, he is simply the most hyped pitcher to hit the big leagues since Mark Prior back in 2002. How did that work out....ugh!

However as I am continuing to watch the hype surrounding tonight Nationals/Pirates tilt of the ages (huh?), is it really fair to be talking about a 21 year old pitcher as a "savior" of any organization?


Why The Cubs Should Consider Trading Carlos Silva....

Who would have thought on Friday December 18, 2009 that the trade for clubhouse cancer Milton Bradley could have worked out so good? Who would have thought that the two teams in town with starting pitchers who have won Cy Youngs, thrown perfect games and no hitters, that a man who went 5-18 with a 6.81 ERA the last two seasons would be the hottest sensation to hit the mound in Chicago since Mark Prior? Who would have thought that the acquisition of Carlos Silva could have worked out so well for a team that was just looking for addition by subtraction.

Carlos Silva (8-0) has made up for the mistakes of Jim Hendry's past signing Milton Bradley, and now is the perfect time to trade Carlos Silva.

You read it right folks. Trade Carlos Silva.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jim Joyce Blown Call Shouldn't Be Overturned For Good Of MLB

After reading numerous stories/columns/blogs about what happened last night in Detroit with the blown call by MLB umpire Jim Joyce, I figure if everyone else has an opinion....why not I jump into the fray!

Baseball is the last sport that was late to the instant replay party that it seems every sport has adopted in some way. The NBA, NFL, NHL, even the ATP all used some sort of instant replay well before the adoption of it into MLB in 2008.

According to the press release dated August 28, 2008:

"Instant replay will apply only to home run calls -- whether they are fair or foul, whether they have left the playing field, or whether they have been subject to fan interference. The decision to use instant replay will be made by the umpire crew chief, who also will make the determination as to whether or not a call should be reversed."

Again....late to the technology party.

But should replay have been used in yesterday's admitted blown call at first base to make Jason Donald out and Armando Galarraga the 21st pitcher in MLB history to throw a perfect game? The answer is simply NO.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jeremy Roenick Celebrates Blackhawks By Channeling Inner-Idol....

Just another reason why the Blackhawks making the Stanley Cup Finals are a good thing for the city. Beside all the attention to a hockey team that was dormant for several years, and the boost in extra revenue the bars and hotels get from the success of the Blackhawks. With the recent returns of Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, and Tony Esposito....former Hawks are coming out of the woodwork to remind the twenty-seven true hockey fans in town that they did play at one time for what could be the eventual Stanley Cup Champions.

How could you have a Stanley Cup Final in Chicago without former Hawk/Shark/Flyer/King/Coyote Jeremy Roenick making an ass of himself?


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Will The Blackhawks "Bandwagon Fan" Stick Around For Years To Come???


Katy Costello, Gena Medema and Kathy Hilgart of Elmhurst, IL celebrate another Blackhawks win of the season!

Something that has been discussed all season long with the Chicago Blackhawks is the dawn of the new "bandwagon fan" entering the gates of the United Center this season. We have all seen it before, with success comes a new legion of fans that spend money on jerseys they normally would not wear in public and enjoy the party atmosphere that winning brings to any arena. These "fans" are usually looked upon with a stink-eye by the "fan base" that has been to through the dark days of the franchise.

You know the type.......

"I was there when Mark Bell manned the left wing and Michael Leighton was a Blackhawk" types.

We all know one "true fan" that is irate the "bandwagon fan" is invading his territory and rooting for a team that he/she just started keeping up with last month.

The true test however is can the Blackhawks keep that "bandwagon fan" around, or will the sport of hockey go back to where it is at in every other United States NHL city?