Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Joe Johnson "Meeting" Screams Collusion......

wade james.jpg

Rarely in sports do I side with the ownership of professional sports teams, but today's latest revelation practically made the white collar worker in me jump out and scream "for shame!!" It was reported today that Dwyane Wade is going to meet with Lebron James and Joe Johnson to discuss exactly what each of their plans are for the upcoming free agent extravaganza coming this summer. Three of the top name/max contract/potential organizational cornerstones in the NBA going to discuss who knows what and decide who knows what.

The entire NBA could be tipped on its collective ear from a decision(s) made at this summit of the greats. However, for owners...why not call on David Stern and shout "collusion?"


Friday, May 21, 2010

A Stanley Cup Means Little To A Town Like Chicago..

A long time ago I can remember a conversation I had with then morning show host Mike Murphy of WSCR as we shared a couple of Rolling Rocks at the Billy Goat. As a young and up-and-comer with the station and a hockey fan myself, I asked Murph about the Blackhawks and why people ignore the Blackhawks in Chicago. Truth be told Murph told me of the days of Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita and how this was not a baseball/football/basketball town, but a hockey town.

Granted in the winter of 2003 the Chicago Blackhawks were nothing to write home about as they were on their way to a 20-43-11 season that year. When Murph told me what it was like with the old stadium, the pelico organ and the "roar" of the crowd I sat in awe of what could that be like in today's 'Madhouse on Madison."

From a team that averaged over 14,000+ at home games not shown on television to what could be the Western Conference representative in the Stanley Cup Finals, this turnaround has indeed been special to this hockey fan. However if the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup, do not believe for a second that their title means more to this city than any other.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Moving Big Z Was A Big Mistake.....What's Really Going On Here?

When was the last time there was a baseball move in Chicago that simply confused the living hell out of you?

Was it when Ozzie Guillen insisted that an attempt at a rotating designated hitter was the way to go? Was it when Ryan Dempster was moved from the closer role to a number two starter?

By far the incompetence of the Chicago Cubs over the last three weeks in their handling of Carlos Zambrano has to be the biggest mistake in Chicago baseball in some time.


Monday, May 17, 2010

All Hope Is Gone For Chicago Baseball In 2010.....

So is it still too early to consider the baseball season over yet Chicago? Do you still have a glimmer of hope that two teams that have crawled to almost identical horse **** records through six weeks of the baseball season can turn things around and make the summer worth something in Chicago? This has been by far the worst six weeks of Chicago baseball in recent memory and there is no reason to believe that something/anything will change the losing mentality of both baseball teams in town.

Therefore without further debate, I officially declare the Chicago baseball season over!! Hate the idea? It's more true than you can believe.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Highland Park Girls Basketball Team Shamelessly Told To Stay Home....


On a day in Chicago where there is simply nothing going on with the five professional sport teams in town, I find myself watching a lot more of the hard news stations such as CNN, MSNBC, and FOXNEWS after an hour long workout. The topic that has taken center stage for the last couple of weeks and apparently is still gaining the majority of coverage is the passage of SB 1070 (The Immigration Law) in the state of Arizona.

As I previously stated here on The Rock Report, I am not a fan of professional sports teams getting involved in stances of political policies. Personally I find them insignificant and nothing more than a weak attempt to gain more attention to your franchise which in turn could maybe sell a few more tickets or turn people off of your product. I am a believer in the idea that sports and politics should be like oil and water, they should NEVER mix.

Today I see that a local high school has decided not to allow it's girls basketball team compete in a tournament in the state of Arizona because the law that was passed is not "aligned with our beliefs and values."

Is this truly fair to the girls basketball team of Highland Park High?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can The Blackhawks & Antti Niemi Stop The Shark Attack??

Hawks vs. Sharks.jpg

What a road it's been for the Chicago Blackhawks franchise since the strike year of 2004. A franchise that was voted the worst run franchise in professional sports has morphed themselves into the hottest ticket in town. A ton of credit is due to a ton of people that took a team that could not draw flies into one of the top teams in the National Hockey League.

With yesterday's 5-1 win over the Vancouver Canucks placing the Hawks in the Western Conference Finals for the second consecutive year, I wonder if all the questions we have about this team have been answered yet. With stellar defense, team speed, depth, and great goaltending so far this playoffs, I believe only one question remains and it is a question we have all had all year long.

Can Antti Niemi beat the San Jose Sharks?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Win Or Go Home Time For Ozzie Guillen And The White Sox

ozzie lll.jpg

Today is Tuesday May 11th, 2010. Who knew a baseball season's fate could come so quickly? That is what is at stake starting tonight for the 2010 Chicago White Sox as they currently sit a full eight games behind their hated division rival who hosts the south siders tonight....the Minnesota Twins.

Memo to the Chicago White Sox: This is your last chance to salvage the season!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Los Suns: The Latest Example Of Why Sports Should Stay Out Of Politics....

Welcome to the age of politics invading everything you ever held sacred. I like many consider sports an escape from the harsh realities of our times, yet somehow we have an event or action which causes the spectrum's of the two to collide causing mass discussion around the country and worldwide.

The latest clash is the latest legislation passed in the state of Arizona which could be considered the toughest measure in American history against illegal immigrants, directing local police to determine whether people are in the United States illegally.

To say simply that the country does not have an illegal immigration problem is simply foolish, we do need to do something to correct this problem. I think we simply just cannot open the borders to everyone who wants to come in because that simply will create more problems than create more good for the country.

However, sports should really keep their noses out of this political issue because it simply does nothing to either fight or further the cause. I came to this opinion after seeing last night's San Antonio Spurs/Phoenix Suns match up last night where the team from "The Copper State" sported their alternative Los Suns jerseys for the game.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Chicago Bulls Should Have Fired John Paxson, Not Vinny Del Negro....

Yesterday while watching the Gar Forman press conference to announce the firing of Vinny Del Negro, something struck me in the middle of the presser that I simply cannot find a direct answer for. While General Manager Forman was spewing the utter nonsense that GM's all around sports master, a simple question arose from the clutter and utter normal nonsense of a Bulls press conference.

Did the Bulls fire the wrong person yesterday?

Should Vinny have stayed and John Paxson have been let go?