Friday, May 21, 2010

A Stanley Cup Means Little To A Town Like Chicago..

A long time ago I can remember a conversation I had with then morning show host Mike Murphy of WSCR as we shared a couple of Rolling Rocks at the Billy Goat. As a young and up-and-comer with the station and a hockey fan myself, I asked Murph about the Blackhawks and why people ignore the Blackhawks in Chicago. Truth be told Murph told me of the days of Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita and how this was not a baseball/football/basketball town, but a hockey town.

Granted in the winter of 2003 the Chicago Blackhawks were nothing to write home about as they were on their way to a 20-43-11 season that year. When Murph told me what it was like with the old stadium, the pelico organ and the "roar" of the crowd I sat in awe of what could that be like in today's 'Madhouse on Madison."

From a team that averaged over 14,000+ at home games not shown on television to what could be the Western Conference representative in the Stanley Cup Finals, this turnaround has indeed been special to this hockey fan. However if the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup, do not believe for a second that their title means more to this city than any other.


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