Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Official: Headed To Tampa Bay!!

I figured today would be a perfect time to write this being that the next couple of weeks are going to be a little busy with the move and all. I wanted to write a thank you letter to all the great people I was privileged to work with in my eight years here in the greatest city in the world, Chicago.

For those that do not know, I have accepted the Assistant Program Director position with 620AM WDAE in Tampa Bay, FL and will begin working there on Friday April 29th. My final day at 670AM WSCR will be Thursday April 21st. This position is a great move not only for my career but also for my family, and I look forward to the new challenges/people/places I am scheduled to face in the next month.

With that being said....A huge thank you to the people I am about to list and forgive me if I forget someone. My time in Chicago has been filled working with many people in many areas, and my memory only holds so much as I'm sure you can understand.

To my current staff on Mike Mulligan, Brian Hanley, Dustin Rhodes, DJ Nozar and Dennis Gambino:

Thank you for the past few years for accepting me into your show. I feel we have grown tremendously since the first days of morning drive, and I only hope that you enjoyed our time together as much as I did. I know your show will only continue to grow as you have become the voice of the Chicago sports fan in the morning. Thank you so much, I am humbled for my time with you guys.

Mitch Rosen - Thank you so much for helping me grow as a producer and allowing me the opportunity to grow as a talk show host in the #3 market in the country. Although we have had ups and downs in our working relationship, I value all the experiences we have shared together. Thanks for all your help and I only hope to stay in touch as you help the Score grow and I do my best to make The Sports Animal the best AM station on the dial in Florida.

To the Chicago Bears Radio Network crew at WBBM.

Ron Gleason, Jim Schwantz, Jay Hilgenberg, Joe Bartosch (the hardest working man I know), Adam Franklin, Andy Giersher, Brad Robinson, Tuan Coleman, Al Rosen (God Bless you my friend!), Zach Zaidman, Jeff Joniak, Tom Thayer, the entire Zerang crew (the best engineers in the city), and all the wonderful people who give up their weekends at WBBM NewsRadio 780AM during the long 10-11 hour broadcast. You are the most professional group of individuals I've ever worked with and your success as a crew will only continue no matter who sits behind that soundboard. I have learned so much in my time there, and I thank you for the many memories we shared each NFL Sunday for the last 6 seasons.

To All My Colleges At WSCR 670AM The Score (Past And Present) among others.....

Russ Mitera, Chris Collins, Matt Abbatacola, Laurence Holmes, Jason Goff, Jay Zawaski, Nick Shepkowski, Ben Finfer, Adam Harris, Joe Ostrowski, Chris Tannehill, Herb Lawrence, Adam Hoge, Craig Miller, Chris Rongey, Connor McKnight, Dave White, Brendan McCaffrey, Kerry Sayers, Mark Grote (Focker), Mark Joliffe, Dan McNeil, Matt Speigel, Terry Boers, Dan Bernstein, Mike Esposito, Les Grobstein, Hub Arkush, Dan Hampton, Barry Rozner, Brad Biggs, David Haugh (Thank you for all your kind words), Joe Cowley, Paul Sullivan, Brett Lyons, Mellissa, Michaels, Otter!!!, Cy Strezo, Ryan Sudol, Dave Kerner, Julie Swieca, Dan Zampillo, Drew Hayes, Matt Fishman, Mike and Bebe North, Jen Patterson, Matt Weber, Fred and Pat Huebner, Mike Murphy, Steve Buchman, Anne Maxfield (Thanks So Much For Everything!), Paul Agase and all the people in sales/traffic!, Rachel Stob, Jackie Spencer, Ande Saldivar (Thanks for putting up with my stupidity), Ernie!!!, David Schuster (Take a day for gosh sakes!), George Ofman, Andy Garcia, Chris Hubble, Dan Jiggetts, Dan Pompei, Danny Zederman, Dave Eanet, David Kaplan, Doug Buffone, OB, Doug Warnicki, Jesse Rogers, J-Hood (Blue Collar!), Joy Dinaro, Maribel Lopez, Matt Peebles, Nick Scafiezzo, Oney and Ozzie Jr., Ray Flores, Steve Goffman, Tim Bock, Steve Koscik, Steve Stone, Tim Doyle and any one I may have forgotten.....Thank you so much for everything.

Thanks to everyone at the former JACK FM (WJMK): Bob Lawson, Floyd, Penny, among others.

Thanks to The Down and Dirty staff!!! Frank Fontana and Mike Piff!!! Much Love Fellas!

Thanks to WDUZ in Green Bay for having me each of the last three seasons as a Bears Expert: Thanks to Sportsline's own Chris Havel and Mark Haley. Go BEARS!!!

Thanks to Scott Davidson and everyone at Rebel Radio. (Still hungover from that Hatebreed Concert)

Thanks to Michael Caserno for his help with "The Point" and allowing me to go on the road and live a dream of interviewing bands like Killswitch Engage, Machine Head, DragonForce among others.

Thanks to everyone at the former WCKG 105.9 FM.....for that one magical night with the Bulls!

Thanks to the Illinois Center For Broadcasting for the schooling I needed to break into this crazy business we work in. Kevin O'Connor (RIP), Brian Halford, Mike Pentz (congrats on the baby!), Stacey, Maribel, Mark D., Adam, Stan, and all the other students I spent time with in the studios with. Hard work does pay off....

To Jimmy Greenfield and the staff at I can only hope that The Rock Report was a success. Every person who spent a second reading what I thought about the day in know I was always about the conversation. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity on the best online blog in Chicago.

To anyone who listened/texted/messaged on facebook or tweeted.....thank you for giving me a chance. I only hope I was able to entertain you. Thank you so much.

Now onto Tampa Bay, Florida where new beginnings shall begin and new challenges must be met. I can only hope that everyone that I've worked with/met/worked for has enjoyed the time we spent together as much as I did.

Thank you.


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