Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lebron James' Bathroom Stunt Unacceptable.....


No athlete is above the game they play, especially one that has yet to do anything of significance in their respective sport. That is what LeBron James fails to realize in his latest stint which occurred last night in his former home town of Cleveland. Like any NBA game, the pre-game introductions went off without a problem. Big lights, loud music and a raucous crowd waiting for their former hometown hero to return one more time to face the music he created with his "decision".

The lights on and music rolling, the crowd welcomed back the self-anointed king with a rousing sound of boo's.....yet the King was fashionably late.

Just the latest insult the King has thrown to his former minions in Cleveland. Further proving that LeBron James does not care about anyone else besides LeBron James and LeBron James Incorporated.

Here is why I (like many who posted tweets to his @KingJames Twitter account) say LeBron James is a b***h.

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