Friday, June 18, 2010

Paying For Your Own Party?? See: LA Lakers....

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers on winning their 16th NBA Championship defeating the Boston Celtics in a game seven snore fest on Thursday evening. Kobe Bryant took home the NBA Finals MVP even after the great closer that he is could not close out the Celtics in crunch time last night. Kobe finished game seven with a team high 23 points but 11 of which came from the line. All in all, the NBA is the most predictable league in professional sports when it comes to projecting who will be in it at the end.

The parade should be something special I am sure as basketball rivals USC football in Los Angeles, but the planning for the parade is a little sketchy. How come you play a 82 game season, then 40 games in 40 nights and then you are franchise is stuck with the bill for the celebration?

That simply makes no sense.


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