Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Will The Blackhawks "Bandwagon Fan" Stick Around For Years To Come???


Katy Costello, Gena Medema and Kathy Hilgart of Elmhurst, IL celebrate another Blackhawks win of the season!

Something that has been discussed all season long with the Chicago Blackhawks is the dawn of the new "bandwagon fan" entering the gates of the United Center this season. We have all seen it before, with success comes a new legion of fans that spend money on jerseys they normally would not wear in public and enjoy the party atmosphere that winning brings to any arena. These "fans" are usually looked upon with a stink-eye by the "fan base" that has been to through the dark days of the franchise.

You know the type.......

"I was there when Mark Bell manned the left wing and Michael Leighton was a Blackhawk" types.

We all know one "true fan" that is irate the "bandwagon fan" is invading his territory and rooting for a team that he/she just started keeping up with last month.

The true test however is can the Blackhawks keep that "bandwagon fan" around, or will the sport of hockey go back to where it is at in every other United States NHL city?


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