Thursday, June 17, 2010

Erin Andrews Inc. Proves She Is A Fraud.....

Fraud - a person who is not what he or she pretends to be. (per

One thing that always has pissed me off is how some people are so soulless that they benefit of a personal tragedy or a hardship put on people. When something truly tragic or hurtful happens to a person, the idea that they should capitalize off it is simply sickening to me. The latest example of this truly disgusting way of making a living is none other than ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews who was secretly video taped naked in a hotel rooms in Nashville, Tennessee and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I could not imagine what Erin Andrews was feeling when she found out about this video posted online for several months.

However in the aftermath of the video being released, I am starting to think that she never considered herself a victim...but more of an opportunist.


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