Monday, February 21, 2011

March Madness Flourishes With A Sport In A State Of Demise....

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February is an interesting month when it comes to covering sports in the Chicago market. Termed "the dead period" or "sports abyss" by some sports radio personalities in town, you can term this duration of the sports calendar as simply the "tweener" of the end of the NFL season and the NCAA tournament. There has never been the buzz of a NFL/MLB season in the time between those two events as they are the two major sports of this city.

Local television and radio outlets in town during this time period begin to dabble into areas of sports which does not necessarily relate to the general daily viewing/listening audience. One of those discussions/topics anchors/hosts attempt to get into is college basketball and why the Big Ten regular season (which by the way is ending soon) matters. Now while Chicago may not have a high profile university attached to the city limits, one of the biggest events of the sports year is the NCAA Tournament. More people than ever are watching/listening/gambling on the tournament yet fail to recognize that the madness begins early November.

What I find interesting is successful as March Madness has been, the sport of college basketball is suffering more than ever and it is time to fix it.


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