Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why Can't America Accept The New Michael Vick?


Failure is not something we all aim for, but only through failure we learn our greatest lessons. Life is full of failures from not getting a job, to failing in a relationship, to failing at your job. In each failure you learn a lesson about the task you failed attempting to accomplish. The one result that all of us cherish because of failure is a second chance at either accomplishing the task or you have learned to move away and try something new.

I do not understand why criminals should not have that same second chance.

The last two years have brought sports fans the debate about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. After serving 19 months in federal prison for dogfighting charges, he was released and given a second chance at continuing in his profession of being a professional football player. Yet nearing 20 months after his release from federal prison, the nation continues to debate if Michael Vick should have been given the same right and privilege we all would want in the first place.

Why is Michael Vick still an enemy of the people?


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