Sunday, December 7, 2008

On My Friend Fred Huebner......

In case you don't know what happened on Friday, the Score and CBS Radio let go of 16 year veteran broadcaster Fred Huebner. He was not an original member of the station per say, but was there very close to the inception of the Score.
Fred has done everything on-air from hosting to his recent duty of daily sports updates. He was the Bears pre-game host as well as co-host for morning shows with Mike Murphy and the recently departed Mike North.
When I entered the doors of the Score in 2002, I was an intern for the Murph and Fred Morning Show with Matt Abbatacola and Laurence Holmes at the producer role. I never felt more welcome by an on-air personality at the station than by Fred Huebner. Maybe it was that we were both fans of the Chicago White Sox. Maybe it was I saw alot of what I believe I could be in him....a #2 that isn't afraid to share his opinion.
Overall, Fred was one of the good guys at the station. With the locker room mentality of the score with egos running rampant, Fred was always that middle of the road, straight center, nice guy that would do anything for ya. I'm sure some people may disagree with me, but I cherrish the years we worked side by side whether it be on M&F or MNMS and those will be times I will never forget. Celebrating a world series championship together as fans and him introducing me to guiness and soccer as well as some great times in Boston and who can forget Wild Card Weekend (which I'm looking forward to come Jan.).......working with Fred Huebner was indeed a joy. I will miss seeing him at the station on a daily basis, and I know he'll land on his feet.
Thank you Fred.

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