Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones....But Sean Avery's Words Lead To Suspensions?? WTF??

For those that have been in a hole about the NHL the past couple of years...(let's face it, that's most of the country)....Sean Avery is a forward currently for the Dallas Stars and is known around the league as an asshole. No censorship here!!!

He is hockey is what is known as an instigator meaning his job is to try to get underneath the skin of his opponents where they hence to do something stupid to cost the game. His mouth has gotten him in trouble before, here's some examples:

1. While a member of the Los Angeles Kings...he was quoted about then Coyotes defenseman Denis Gautheir saying "it's typical of most French guys in our league to wear a visor on their helmet."

2. Also as a member as the Kings, he was accused by Oilers RW Georges Laraque of using a racial slur during a game. Laraque is an african american hockey player still in Edmonton.

3. As a member of the NY Rangers....he was rumored to use Maple Leafs' winger Jason Blake cancer as part of trash talk during a game. Avery sued the source of the rumor for Libel.

This guy is a major throbbing prick....period....not a good guy in the league. Yesterday however the NHL suspended Avery for these comments about his former girlfriend actress Elisha Cuthbert (see below)!!!

The NHL suspended Avery indefinitely for those comments saying that it was "conduct detrimental to the league and to the game of hockey."

I didn't know a league that promotes fighting in games all of a sudden has the right to punish a player for words that are yes....insulting....but not vulgar in any way.

I didn't know a league where if you can nail a guy over the head with a wooden stick gets you a 2 min penalty and no fine all of a sudden has to be the politically correct police.

The funny thing is I would have been fine if THE TEAM handled this.....but the big bad NHL won't stand for a guy (who a major asshole) making "sloppy seconds" references to women....they gotta step in with the iron fist and lay down the law.

How are these words detrimental to the game also?? This is an off-ice issue at best and I'm sure the game will go on with or without Sean Avery. You think people who watch hockey or go to the games are not going to go because Sean Avery thinks that players love his sloppy seconds.

Quite frankly....I'd take sloppy 1000ths for Cuthbert. Are you kidding me? This guy is a hockey player, fashion model and he's enjoying some of the hottest women in the world. This man should have a bust in the hall of fame just for that.

I look at it this way....if the NHL is ok with fighting....why not play him and see if one of the goons around the league wanna take some free shots at this clown. That would be good for the game....right?

All in there a double standard?? Ah....yeah!

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