Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why I Think Slammin' Sammy Would Be South Side Sosalicious!!!

Slammin' Sammy wants back in MLB....but will anyone in MLB call Sosa?

That's a question worth looking at if say you're the Chicago White Sox in particular.


But the White Sox should look to Sosa as an option if they do decide to trade Dye in the remaining offseason. The word is the Angels and Sox are peas in a pod this offseason because the Angels got out of the Teixeira sweepstakes and are without a firstbaseman.

SIDE NOTE: How the hell does Mark Teixeira get an 8 yr/180 million dollar contract? Didn't know he was in the same conversation with A-Rod and Manny.

Say the Sox trade Dye...the rumor is they're looking into aquiring Bobby Abreu who's looking for a 3 yr/45 million dollar deal. Why not try a year out with Sosa?

This is Sammy Sosa (40 yrs old) who is the only player in MLB history to hit 60+ home runs in three straight seasons. This is Sammy Sosa, one of only six players in history to hit over 600 home runs in their career. He's a natual right fielder with a career .974 fielding percentage which is a little under Jermaine Dye's career percentage. 2 years ago when few teams gave him a look...the Texas Rangers signed Sosa to a $500,000 minor league deal and got a .252 avg with 21 hr and 92 rbi's that season for half a million dollars.

With the way the Sox have been cutting payroll by getting rid of Javier Vazquez and Nick Swisher's contracts....this would be a perfect opportunity for the Sox to get something for Dye and fill his role with a proven fielder and power hitter in right fielder for cheap. Sammy on the south side would be an interesting story as he plays for his former teammate Ozzie Guillen....but I think when all the options are put on the table for Kenny Williams to make a move for Dye (again....if inclined).....he's gotta take a strong look at Sammy Sosa.

No boombox....just Sosa!!!


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