Saturday, January 10, 2009

BCS/Cubs/Sox/NHL...and Rick Pitino? Rock Report Weekend Edition!!

I figure with the start of the year, and a little snow on the ground.....every Saturday I'll post a little random thoughts type blog here on the all new much improved vanilla scented So, here's my random thoughts for Saturday January 10, 2009.

Congratulations to the Florida Gators and Tim Tebow on winning their 2nd national title in the last 3 seasons. I'm sure it was an exciting game...i tuned in from time to time to check the score but had really no interest in watching the game itself. College football may not be my cup of tea, but apparently the game did anywhere near a 20-25 share in the nielsen ratings. Football in general (college or pro) dominates television ratings like no other sport in our culture. Does that mean that football is our new national pastime? I think football does better overall than any other sports because there is a week separation from games. and for this game it was a month of hype. The Superbowl has 2 weeks in between for hype and still does great numbers....but the BCS title game has a whole month. Try doing that with baseball....can you? I don't think so. I'm not going to say football is better than any of our other sports, but people that say that football ratings shatter any other sport because it is better than any other sport are just insane. If baseball was only on the weekends rather than everyday, I'm sure the ratings would be higher than they are currently. So, for people to bring ratings into the arguement that football is the best sport in America....please stop.

For the most part the Chicago White Sox have been pretty quiet this off season and now it's starting to bother me as a Sox fan. I see name after name being swept up from other teams and I start to wonder is the economy really going to hold back my team from going out and getting a free agent or two? I trust Kenny Williams as I'm sure most Sox fans do but it's almost a month away from those four words "Pitchers And Catchers Report." While the Indians has bolstered their roster with names like Kerry Wood, Mark DeRosa, Carl Pavano...the Sox have added Dayan Viciedo, Wilson Betemit, and Jason Nix. Just from those 6 names I just mentioned it seems Kenny is going young and cheap...dare I say "These Kids Can Play 2009?" I guess I can't be disappointed since I seemed to be the only one on the station last year calling for take a year off and get rid of the old and expensive and build your horrible minors cause the Indians have it all wrapped up.....well, that didn't work out as the Sox of course went on to win the division somehow someway. I like what Kenny is doing, but normally every offseason he makes one move that makes me feel good as a Sox fan that makes me look forward to the new year. Swisher last year for example.....but this offseason may be one that I wanted to see last year but am having trouble coming to terms with. Kenny....if you're reading this.....two words...Ben Sheets!!!

Now that Mark Cuban aparently is out of the bidding for the Chicago Cubs, is it just me or are the final 3 bidders for the franchise just not as exciting as Cuban? I know with Mark Cuban comes alot of exposure and excitment and fun and the bleacher bums would rejoice in pools of Old Style and sun tan lotion. Have you looked at the list of the final 3?? The founder of Ameritrade, a guy who directs IMAX, and a real estate guy from South Africa. OH BOY...NOW THAT SCREAM EXCITEMENT!!! Maybe it's me since I work in the "media" of this town...but the mere thought of any of these 3 guys owning the Cubs makes me yawn. It's just funny to me now that Mark Cuban is out of the deal it's just not interesting anymore. It's like when you're expecting that big toy at Christmas and you get new pairs of socks. Sucks.

I know that hockey is slowly becoming one of the top 3 sports in this town with the wonderful story that is the Chicago Blackhawks this season. But in an age where we always seem to rip on voting for all-star games in each of the 4 major sports.....why is there no outrage over the NHL All Star Game rosters? Have you cared to look at the rosters. Here's a simple rundown for you as far as the stating lineups.


Sidney Crosby (Pit)/Evgani Malkin (Pit)/Alexei Kovalev (Mon)/Andrei Markov (Mon)/Mike Komisarek (Mon)/Carey Price (Mon)


Patrick Kane (Chi)/Jonathan Toews (Chi)/Ryan Getzlaf (Ana)/Brian Campbell (Chi)/Scott Niedermayer (Ana)/Jean-Sebastien Giguere (Ana)

I know hockey is a game of line changes and such and you'll have multiple players out there from time to time....but during the starting lineups at the pregame which I always enjoy'll have 4 teams represented for 12 players. Does this seem odd to anyone else besides me? Ovechkin, Iginla, Modano, Thornton, Datsyuk....some of the bigger names in the sport.....not starters? WHAT?? Also...only 2 members of the San Jose Sharks (30-5-5 this year...19-0-2 at team in the NHL) but you have 3 members of the Ducks who are 18 points behind the Sharks?? All star voting by the fans should be banned in every sport. Period. This is a perfect example of why. The 2nd best team in the East only has one guy going....rediculous. you've for sure seen blogs where they have caption contests on a funny picture that they come let's try that here and see if we can get some convo going amongst the readers. Here's your picture and comment a caption you would attach to it.

Best caption, I'm sure I can hook you up with a Mully and Hanley T-Shirt or something.

Thanks for reading the Rock Report!!! Appreciate all the feedback I've been getting by e-mail and Facebook.


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