Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Chairman Fell Off His Rocker........

So yesterday out of his cave comes “The Chairman” for a long 30-40 min sit down interview on a local television program and says the following about the disaster (as he stated) of this Bulls season:
“But if there’s one person that is not responsible for what’s going on right now, it’s John Paxson. I have tremendous confidence in John Paxson. He’s really one of the best people that I know. He’s a great general manager and a great judge of talent. I just worry that he not be too hard on himself. He takes all of this very, very seriously.”
Jerry, I love ya and you’ve brought alot of joy to Bulls/Sox fans over the years…..but to be polite…you’re out of your freakin’ mind!!
How is John Paxson not responsible for what’s going on right now with the Bulls? That’s like saying Jerry Angelo isn’t to blame for the lack of production out of the quarterback position. That’s like saying Kenny Williams can’t be blamed for the lack of a strong center fielder since the departure of the fire and passion. That’s like saying that every general manager since 1908 can’t be blamed for 100 years of misery on the north side of town.
The job of a general manager as I understand it is to place the pieces and let it play out on the field and your success is based on how those pieces fair in the game. So, let’s look at the success of John Paxson.
Paxson was named Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations in April of 2003. During his tenure….the Bulls have gone:* 213-244 (31 games under .500)* 3 Playoff Appearances (remember…the east is weak)* Of those 3 playoff appearances (2 first round exits…and 1 semifinals exit)* Now on his 5th head coach in as many years (Cartwright/Meyers(twice interim)/Skiles/Boylan/Del Negro)* 5 times you’ve drafted in the top 10 in the NBA Draft (Hinrich/Gordon/Aldridge/Noah/Rose) and on top of that you’ve traded for Tyrus Thomas (#4 pick) and Luol Deng (#7 pick) in the their respectable drafts.
Paxson is one of three current general managers who have had the position for 5 years or more and still have yet to win a division/conference/league title (Chris Wallace {Memphis} Ernie Grunfeld {Washington}.)
Jerry….maybe you’re right though cause after all Paxson took over a team that went 30-52 the year before he took over and since then you’ve been in the big dance 3 times since. Isn’t Paxson the guy who brought in the core of your current roster right now though?? Let’s look at the roster today:Luol Deng - traded for by Paxson in 2004 draftDrew Gooden - traded for Ben Wallace (oh yeah…remember that signing Jerry)Ben Gordon - drafted by PaxsonAaron Gray - drafted by PaxsonKirk Hinrich - drafted by PaxsonLarry Hughes - traded for Ben Wallace (yeah…he’s a cancer)Lindsey Hunter - please…..Joakim Noah - drafted by PaxsonAndres Nocioni - drafted by PaxsonDerrick Rose - drafted by PaxsonThabo Sefolosha - drafted by PaxsonCedric Simmons - traded for Ben WallaceTyrus Thomas - traded for in 2006 NBA Draft (LaMarcus Aldridge)
Alright Jerry….of those 13 players…9 of them were acquired in the draft. You say that Paxson is a great general manager and a great judge of talent. Where’s the talent?
Let’s face it Jerry….what can you trade from this stack of garbage“talent” that would bring you back anything in return? Remember also that Paxson wouldn’t give up the rights to ”any of his young players” for Pau Gasol when Memphis was looking to trade the big man. How’s Gasol looking in LA?? Pretty good if you ask me… the Bulls have needed a big man that can score since………………?
Jerry, if you could please tell me why Scott Skiles decided to walk out again? Yes, I believe he walked and you didn’t fire him….but if I recall it was because those young players quit on the coach. Those young players that quit on Skiles were all Paxson draft picks right? Well….you gotta figure that Paxson would send a message to those players by getting rid of some of em so the next coach that comes in won’t have that problem. I knew it was Chris Duhon too….thank god he’s now on the Knicks(averaging a career high in points/assists per game). Yeah…he held the Bulls back. He’s also playing for that coach….gosh….what’s his name again. Wasn’t he gonna come coach the Bulls…..Mike D’Antoni THAT’S HIS NAME!!! You had to open your mouth about his defensive philosophy and he headed to the NYC.
Jerry…let me get this straight again. Between 5 head coaches, an under .500 record in a weak eastern conference, a 53-75 record since your last playoff appearance and not one of your draft picks turning into true “talent” or a leader for this organization….Paxson isn’t responsible?
I remember that shot in the 1993 NBA Finals. What a great moment for the franchise, a 3-peat with the greatest player in history on your team. However I think you look at Paxson and his performance as GM of your team with rose-colored glasses.
Jerry…you need to accept reality. You have a bad team full of selfish players with a rookie head coach and a GM that sticks by his draft picks like they’re his kids where he’ll support them fully. This team is gonna go no where unless Paxson grows some and rebuilds this team starting by letting go of some of his kids and build around Derrick Rose…..the only player you have that has heart on this roster.
All in all….Jerry…..stop playing favorites and get this team back to respectability starting with getting rid of your buddy ol pal Johhny Pax.

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