Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wanna Make A Bet?

The crescendo of the NFL playoffs is this weekend.....the Super Bowl is too much of a phony spectacle to count as the crescendo to me.

Are you excited to see if Kurt Warner can return to the big game?

Can you imagine if Donovan McNabb gets another shot at glory?

How about a rookie QB in Joe Flacco doing the impossible and taking his 6th seeded team to the promised land?

And then there is the Pittsburgh Steelers...champions of 2 seasons ago trying to return to the pinnacle of the NFL for the sixth time in their history.

The storylines are endless for this coming weekend that the fact that it's just two football games gets lost in a sea of what this player Brian Westbrook Anquan Boldin ready to go....has Big Ben recovered fully from a late season will Rex Ryan scheme Ray Lewis/Ed Reed and that defense this week.

But the stories that I enjoy are the ones that involve people outside the inner circle of the remaining four nfl teams. For example....the Mayors of Glendale, Arizona and Philadelphia, PA have made their bet for the upcoming game on sunday.

If the Cardinals win - Philly would have to buy Cerreta Chocolate for everyone on the Philly city council as well as the mayor of Philly wearing a Cardinals jersey at the next city council meeting and treat a school class to a Cardinals home game next season.
If The Eagles win - Hersey's Chocolate for everyone on the Glendale city council plus the Mayor will wear a Eagles jersey in the next city council meeting and treat some Philly kids to a game in Philly next season.

If you ask me....that sorta a lame bet. Why not a ride with Shaq in his new whip......or a cameo in the next Rocky movie or something like that. Chocolate and wearing a jersey is sorta kindergarten if you ask me.

The best story however that I've seen so far from this past week is the Mayor of Pittsburgh, PA changing his name in honor of the game this coming weekend. Mayor Luke Ravensthal officially changed his name to Luke Steelerstahl for the remainder of the week and will not change it back till at least the end of the AFC Championship game.

Now some in the media that I've seen in the past couple of days (print/tv/radio) are calling this guy a total idiot and this has gone too far. Of course it's all about getting himself some pub....but this guy is a football junkie. He played high school football at North Catholic High in Pittsburgh....Graduated from Washington & Jefferson College which is also where Roger Goodell graduated from....and he was arrested outside Heinz Field in 2005 after getting into an altercation with a cop. His name ends in 'stahl' which is german for...........Steel.

To me this guy isn't an idiot/moron/dumbass/bonehead/nincompoop/dunce/dork/geek or any other word you may want to use......he's a "Superfan."

Mayor Luke Steelerstahl got me thinking though....say the Bears/Sox/Cubs/Hawks/Bulls make it to the Super Bowl/World Series/Stanley Cup Finals/NBA Finals.....what should Mayor Daley do that would trump what Mayor Steelerstahl has done with his personal last name?

Of course depending on the city our team would be about Daley agree to volunteer Ronnie Woo Woo for for public speaking engagements around the city we're betting against.

Or how about Mayor Daley bet the 2016 Olympic bid because frankly no one who lives in Chicago wants it.

Wouldn't mind losing that one if you ask me.

Or how about this...

Daley could offer the services of one Steve Perry (ex-Journey) to annoy the hell out of the crowds at the celebration parade.

Now that's a bet!!!


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