Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pain Is So Hard To Forget....Unless You're A Cubs Fan

Welcome to yet another edition to the Rock Report weekend edition.....don't need to pay a cent for this one folks....just make sure you're ISP bill gets mailed on time.

So this weekend brings the Cubs Convention back to downtown Chicago. OH YEAH!! I can wait in line for an hour to get Mike Fontenot's autograph!!!


Fan conventions are nice and they give people that may not make it out to games at Wrigley a chance to get "up close and personal" with their favorite players/coaches. The pep-rally attitude of the whole experience along with $5 dollar hot dogs, large crowds mixing kids and parents with autograph seekers who are merely getting the signature to make a quick buck. It's alot of unexpected tension, bordom, and disappointment for me when I don't get to do/see what I want because you have to wait for hours and hours. It's like going to Great America and maybe getting on 4 rides in 6 hours of waiting for 45 seconds of a thrill. Wouldn't you rather just go bowling or something? It'd probably be cheaper.

Now fan conventions are around to celebrate the team as well. Looking forward to another great season of Cubs baseball........right? The Cubs Convention program includes the following quote:

" Baseball's popularity is at an all-time high and the Cubs are coming off their greatest season in generations. "

Cubs fans....please tell me you haven't forgotten the last 2 years of Cubs baseball. Great season....yes.....postseason....HELL NO!!

Remember this feeling....

Cubs fans....remember how you felt when the final out was cast in game 3 against the Dodgers as Alfonso Sorriano struck out on 3 straight pitches. Remember how the Cubs got outscored 20-6 in 3 games against you remember?

Remember talking to your friends the next day, reading comments on blogs around the net, calling the Score and saying you're done with this team. Why should you spend your entire summer waining on every pitch and living through the daily crisis that is Cubs baseball only to have high hopes going into the postseason and your heart broken again in October. It's kinda like a girl that you dated and loved in high both move on to up later in life....share a good time or two.....and then she cheats on ya but comes back and admits her mistake...."Oh, i'll be better, i'll never do it to you again."

Cubs fans....they've cheated on you for 100 years....but do you remember the pain? Do you remember that wound being opened yet again with another early exit from the postseason? Do you remember or are you so blind as a Cubs fan that you fit into every stereotype there is about being a loveable loser?

If you're headed to the Cubs Convention this weekend, I'm not going to ask you to be angry. I'm not going to ask you to be upset, I'm not going to ask you to be the buzzkill.

When you see Lou Piniella and he says to forget the past and look forward. When you see Alfonso Soriano and you cheer and cheer knowing that there is no doubt he will be your leadoff hitter once again. When you see Milton Bradley introduced and you know he's an injury prone designated hitter playing right field at Wrigley all year.

Remember and make sure to not forget the past.

Don't be fooled yet again.


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