Monday, February 23, 2009

5 Things I'd Rather Do Than Waste My Time With The NFL Combine

So this past weekend marked the beginning of the most insignificant week in professional sports. NO...I'm not talking about the Bass Masters Championship or the week building up to the Indianapolis 500.....THE NFL COMBINE. This event single handily shows that there is too much emphasis put on the crap that doesn't matter in sports rather than if you think that this player can help you win. Seriously....this event makes ESPNU's coverage of National Signing Day look like a reunion show of Home Improvement. WHO DOESN'T LOVE HOME IMPROVEMENT??

Do I really care about a guys 3-cone drill time? How bout the 40 yard dash time? Do you know who had the fastest 40 time in this combine? Ever hear of Darrius Heyward-Bey?? He's a WR that projected to go late in the first round....does the 40 time improve his draft status?? What do I care if he's .08 seconds faster than the top WR's in the upcoming draft, and how bout that broad jump huh??

This is the biggest waste of time and money in professional sports. Worst than any draft, worst than the Pro Bowl, this is worse than the freakin' NHL preseason schedule!!! So I figure I'd come up with 5 things I'd rather do than tune into 24 hour coverage (way too much) of the NFL Combine.

#1 - Read the original script of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. If I had a nickel for every Bill S. Preston Esquire "Dude" and every Ted Theodore Logan "Whoh".....I wouldn't be in radio anymore.

#2 - Watch Fox News. That's enough to make a man lose his lunch.

#3 - Figure out how to bake a cake. I can't cook worth you know what....I once burned fried Ice Cream. I figure if I take the time to learn how to properly bake a desert of some kind without burning my apartment complex down or injuring a small farm animal....there's a reward. Sweet Chocolaty Goodness!!

#4 - Run a mile barefoot on a construction site. Sure it may hurt a little, but I can clock my 40 time while avoiding nails, glass and other sharp objects.

and finally

#5 - Breakdown the 2009 National Yo-Yo Contest!! Did you see this thing on CSN this afternoon!!

How bout that "walk the dog" followed by an "around the world" and LOOK AT THAT "creeper"!!!!


This is by far more entertaining than the NFL Combine!!!

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jay said...

Rock, I'm a North Dakota State University fan and a Bears fan...and Bob Babich has ruined both of my favorite teams. He took over a nationally ranked Div 2 football team and ran them into the ground before he was run out of town. How he could go from a D2football program to the Chicago Bears is beyond me.....and still be there. He should have been gone a couple years ago...hell he shouldn't even be there! I guess the old saying is true.. it's not what you know, but who you ...well you know. He must be a hell of a coffee maker!