Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Sexy Rexy" Has Left The Building....

So finally the Bears decided that Rex Grossman will no longer be a part of the Chicago Bears franchise. The 22nd overall pick in the 2003 NFL Draft a.k.a. "Sexy Rexy" has officially played his last season as a Chicago Bear and therefore will be added to the grocery list of QB's to come through this town since the departure of a funky QB.

What's funny to me however is reading and listening the local media today and how they're saying that the fans booing Rex was not fair, deliberate and mean. So we wait in the media till a guy leave to start defending him? Is that a new rule? Is that a new law? Did I miss the company e-mail from Mitch on this one?

Listen....and forgive me for sounding like a fan fellow media members.


I understand that Rex may be a nice guy at heart and has the desire to win and all....but the guy couldn't stay healthy for a full fact in only one of his anointed "Rex Is Our Starting Quarterback" type season...Rex started all 16 games only once in a season (2006).

This is a QB who threw for over 1,000 yards only twice in 4 seasons as the anoited starting QB for this team. For those 4 years as well, he threw more interceptions than touchdowns in each year except 2006, and led the Bears to the postseason twice in his 6 year career.

And how about that wonderful 2006 season. Rex had a great start the first 5 games of the year winning the NFC Offensive Player Of The Month Award...then he had that stellar game against the Cardinals in the desert. A 10.2 QB RATING!! 10.2!!! Granted the Bears won the game, but the great Rex Grossman didn't return to consistent stellar play game in and game out the rest of the year. In fact down the stretch of that magical year of 2006....Rex had QB ratings of 36.8/23.7/1.3/and a goose egg in the final game of the year at home against the hated Packers. Granted the game didn't matter and that point was made even more evident when Rex said in the postgame:
" It was New Year's Eve -- there were so many other factors that brought my focus away from what is actually important, and that's something that I am never going to do again."

Apparently partying it up with Chicago locals was more important than beating your rival division opponent. Remember what Lovie's number #1 goal was when he was hired?? BEAT THE PACKERS!! Rex must have missed the memo on that one.

Rex Grossman was babied throughout his entire career here in Chicago. No matter what the situation..."Rex Is Our QB." No matter what kind of injury Rex is coming off of...."Rex Is Our QB." No matter what kind of sub-par season Rex had the year previous..."Rex is our QB."

Rex always had the support of the organization as well. Last season Rex was signed to a one year deal because Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith wanted to give him one more chance at starting for the Bears.....and after finally having a competition for the starting QB job in training camp.....Rex lost to a guy who was on the bench gathering pine watching "Sexy Rexy" throw dumb throw after dumb throw for the two seasons prior.

The fact that it took 4 years to have a competition for the starting QB when there was NOTHING from the previous year to say you have solidified that position is outright ridiculous. That's a bad reflection on the coaching staff. You realize that in Rex's career starts he has a record of 19-11...Kyle Orton has a record of 21-12....and Kyle's been a Bear two years less than Orton.

So to those (and you know who you are) who say that Bears fans were unwarranted to boo Rex Grossman and that wasn't fair to Rex....Bite Me! Fans are allowed to voice their opinion in any way they want and quite frankly that is what makes going to the game worth the price of admission. If you like what you see, cheer...if you don't, boo. I don't see why it's such a pity that fans boo'd Grossman like they did....he wasn't that damn good.

Chicago has suffered too long with garbage QB's that all that frustration maybe fell upon Rex...but there's no way you can reason that fans booing a player of Rex's caliber is undeserving. He was a stud in college, sucked in the pros and was just another face at a position on the Bears that hasn't had one since the days of McMahon.

I'm sure Rex will find work somewhere because teams need backup quarterbacks all the time. He'll never be a every game starter in the NFL ever again and maybe that's the way it should have been from the start. So in conclusion...good luck Rex....and if Joey Harrington can find a new can you.


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