Monday, February 16, 2009

NBA Head Coaches...The Worst Job In America?

Over 2,600,000 people lost their jobs last year in the United States mostly due to the economic climate the world is currently entrenched in. That in itself has normal everyday people fighting to make due on top of worrying about their own job if they'll lose it due to budget cuts or some other outside reason. I'm just like you when it comes to my job...I value it more everyday when I see 6,000 people cut today and 10,000 more tomorrow. With all the stress and pressure in your own job...can you imagine being a head coach in the NBA? Now that's scary!

Today former NBA point guard Terry Porter was released as head coach of the Phoenix Suns making him the 7th head coach THIS SEASON to be fired. That's 7 head coaches of the 30 teams in the NBA....THAT'S JUST UNDER A QUARTER (25%) OF THE TEAMS IN THE NBA WHO HAVE CHANGED THEIR MINDS ON WHO LEADS THE TEAM!!

Terry Porter joins a list that includes Eddie Jordan (WASH), Sam Mitchell (TOR), Reggie Theus (SAC), Maurice Cheeks (PHIL), P.J. Carlesimo (OKC), Randy Whittman (MIN), and Marc Iavaroni (MEM). Now I'm not saying that any of these names listed are top 5 head coaches, but could the position of NBA Head Coach be the most insecure position in employment history?

People makes careers at McDonalds even if they don't salt the french fries....but for Terry Porter 28-23 for the Phoenix Suns isn't good enough. The excuses that have been used is that Porter was a defensive minded head coach and with the talent that is currently on that roster...5 games over .500 is not good enough. Although I would give a guy who I signed to a 3 year deal more than 4 months to prove himself, I agree with the later. As for being a defensive minded coach....don't you know that when you interview him? essence whoever interviewed/signed Porter to this deal obviously made a mistake as well as should lose their job. That would be Steve Kerr! Good ol #25.

Terry Porter didn't even get a shot to implement his scheme on this aging team, and it seems like the Suns are set on blowing up the D'Antoni style of team that they have now. If you look at it, Vinny Del Negro is sort of in the same situation. Del Negro was brought in for a team he didn't assemble with Paxson and it's showing that his schemes are necessarily working with the players. Hence the constant "We're working hard", "We're getting better" verbatim that you're getting from Vinny on a daily basis. When you hire a head coach, teams need to realize it takes time for a team to mold to a coach....and unfortunately the Suns aren't willing to wait. Most NBA teams seem to be real itchy with that trigger finger if things don't go good right away.

So is Terry Porter a victim of the economy? Is Terry Porter a victim of the state of head coaches in the NBA with a "win now or go home" mentality? Is Terry Porter just a bad head coach?

Firing Terry Porter only sets your organization back to where you began when you couldn't keep Mike D'Antoni. Now the Suns are shopping Amare Stoudamire and Shaq of all people plus their big acquisition from the off season (Jason Richardson) just got arrested on speeding and improper use of a child seat charges. It seems like the Sun has set on your Phoenix Suns.

So the next time your boss puts the heat on you over your TPS reports.....the next time a you're sweating at deadline....the next moment you get a bad grade on your yearly review....just least you're not an NBA head coach.


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