Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If He Only Had A Brain....

Why should we feel sorry for Dan Leone?

OH....you don't know who Dan Leone is?? He's the {now former} Philadelphia Eagles employee who was recently fired for posting a negative comment about his employer on his Facebook page. Apparently Mr. Leone (who I'll now refer to as dumb ass) posted his status as the following after Brian Dawkins was no longer an Eagle:

“Dan is f***ing devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver…Dam Eagles R Retarted.”

Who knew that when a free agent signs with another team that it could lead to such harsh feelings. Brian Dawkins (who was considered the heart and soul of the Philadelphia Eagles defense) signed a 5 year deal worth 17 million dollars with the Denver Broncos. News of the signing shocked many and infuriated fans of the green and silver so much that even dumb ass has to post his feelings as a status on his personal facebook page.

Haven't we learned anything by now when it comes to these facebook/myspace pages? When you go looking for a job, don't you think the employer may look up your info on google and research you a little bit if they're that inclined? Seriously, dumb ass should have thought that through before letting his heart do the typing.

Go ahead....try it....CLICK HERE to see what pops up when you Google Rock Mamola. You can find out all kinds of crap on me.

Dumb ass should know better to post trash talk about his employer for the whole world to see.

Look at your own work situation. I'm sure there are some feelings you have about your gig that wouldn't necessarily make the suits laugh and giggle. You gonna write a blog about it? How about video tape yourself ranting and raving how your boss is a complete idiot and if he maybe got his/her head out of you know where....maybe we'd get some work done around here!! PUT THAT ON YOUTUBE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!!

Dumb ass apparently didn't get the memo about the cover sheet on his TPS report!!

Now from everything I've read and heard.....the Eagles are the "bad guy" in all of this for firing someone based on something on his personal web page? Wouldn't your employer do the exact same thing if you posted something negative about the company and someone found out about it?

Obviously someone tipped off someone about this posting....DUMBASS LEFT IT UP FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS!!!

So, I'm supposed to feel sorry about a guy with a neurological disorder who runs the gate at Lincoln Financial Field for Eagles home games because he didn't think the post would get him fired? Please.

Dumb ass was a flat out idiot and didn't think straight. When you work for someone, you represent your company even on your own personal facebook/myspace/twitter/skype/etc. Any kind of negative tone you make public is subject to discipline/termination.

Don't tell me I should feel bad for this guy. Dumb ass is gonna get all kinds of pub out of this anyway....he'll be getting his 15 mins out of this and then it'll become an after thought. The fact that we are a forgiving society doesn't mean that everyone gets a second chance. His actions were enough to get him fired, and the Eagles did the right thing. Why should we forgive his stupidity when "big brother" is always watching?



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