Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jay Cutler To The Bears.....YEAH RIGHT!!!

Chicago is a wonderful place to make a living....wouldn't you agree? Let's look at what makes Chicago great.
1. Food
2. A Giant Body Of Water With Beaches Surrounding It
3. A Wonderful Downtown Area
4. Good Place To See All Forms Of Entertainment (Music/Sports/Plays/etc.)

But why is it that we Chicago Bears fans think that the big name available players wanna come here?

The latest name is Jay Cutler who reportedly has asked for a trade from Denver because of a riff with his new head coach (former NE Patriot Offensive Co-Ordinator) Josh McDaniels. I've seen articles written in/on blogs/papers/websites that the Bears could be a real good suitor for Cutler and Jerry Angelo would be doing a disservice to not pick up the phone and find out what's going on.

Let's be serious here people....of course it would be a good idea to go after Jay Cutler and screw over Kyle Orton once again for that starting quarterback position. In fact this off season Jerry Angelo pointed out that the Quarterback is the #1 priority this off season.....

"We have to get that position right. I know there's going to be a lot of talk about a No. 1 receiver. Guys, it starts with the quarterback." - Jerry Angelo 12-30-2008

Apparently Jerry didn't think Orton did too good of a job last year to secure the starting position for next season. So now there's Jay Cutler. Here's some things about Jay Cutler you need to know:
1. Great arm....much better than Orton or Grossman.
2. Played on a team with a horrible defense into a near playoff position (Denver gave up 28 a game last year)
3. Ran a much more complex offense compared to what the Bears have here.
4. He threw for over 4500+ yards last year. More int's than Orton....but Cutler can throw the ball farther than 10-15 yards. Plus...when's the last time a Bears QB threw for over 4500+ yards? EVER???
5. He's a bad attitude guy.....SO WHAT!!

Would it be smart for the Bears to look into Jay Cutler?? Of course it is!! They won't.

Why is it so hard for Bears fans to admit that this team just does not go after the big fish/splash/or whatever word you want to associate with a top name free agent. Just recently Terrell Owens was on the market after being released from the Cowboys and he decided to go to Buffalo. Wanna know what's attractive in Buffalo....NOTHING!!! Snow, ugly women and chicken wings!!! That's it!!

Did you really expect Owens to end up in Chicago? NO!!

But we're a big market and we have money to spend.....CORRECT!! Albert Haynesworth was looking for money, guess the Bears didn't have enough of it. T.J. Houschman1zosa3l;zada *you know who I'm talking about* went to Seattle where it rains 24/7?? WHY?? In Chicago we got beaches and this thing...

Face it Bears fans....our team doesn't like the sexy pick. Our big #1 free agent move this off season was for a guy who played 5 seasons in the league and only started once. Wanna know how much we payed Frank Omiyale? 4 year deal worth 11.5 million and could go as high as 14.5 million with incentives. This guy only has one start to his name in 5 seasons and he yielded more 200,000 less just for next season (6.3 million) than T.O. got on a 1 year deal with the Bills. Plus his nick is "Tank".....great!!!

Haynesworth/Houschwhatever/T.O./Bart Scott/Fred Taylor/Kurt Warner/Darren Sharper......all I heard was the Bears should go after them. Yeah Right. We got a Tank and this guy....

Watch #29 Josh Bullocks....He's Now A Chicago Bear!!

Bears fans....just admit it.....we could have the best housing/restaurants/stadiums/parks/water/air/sunshine/trees/roads/trains/buses/electricity/media/fans/women/men/taxes/hospitals/etc.....No one is coming here.

Enjoy The Draft!!


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jimmypasta said...

Nice blog about the Bears. Jerry Angelo gives his end of season rant and the drops off the face of the earth! I can't blame Lovie for most of this. Angelo's drafts suck. Some success though with free agent signings. Keep pointing to that Super Bowl,though. If not for Robbie Gould kicking clutch FG's,the Bears never beat the Seahawks.