Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Message To Women's Professional Sports

Some readers may find this blog a ..little offensive, but I want to ensure you that I am in no way sexist and I am not discriminatory towards women of any color, age , etc. I just have some thoughts that I've been discussing with some friends/co-workers of mine and I feel I need to share them with the reading public and see if you share my views.


OK....I'm getting my pink slip as we speak.

Seriously!! Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly:
"When's the last time you watched women's softball/basketball/soccer/hockey/track and field?"

Here's an even better question....could you name the top 5 teams in women's college hoops? Their tournament is going on right now as well....UCONN, Tennessee and.........?

That's my point....women's professional sports are INSIGNIFICANT in the sports landscape and need to go away. I understand that they heavily promote athletics for girls, but then again....who looks up to a WNBA player? I couldn't name 3 players in the WNBA....and you thought naming 5 Chicago Blackhawks was hard.

What got me on this idea is news of the new Women's Professional Soccer League which kicks off (no pun intended) on March 29th. A brand new women's soccer league with 7 teams and guess what...I bet you didn't know this.....there's a team in Chicago!! HOLY CRAP...I didn't know that.....98% of Chicago didn't know that!! The Chicago Red Stars are your local representative of the new WPS. Let's be honest're not buying a ticket, hat, pennant, scarf, shirt or anything involved with the Chicago Red Stars. It doesn't peak your interest.

How about the WNBA..the crown jewel of women's professional sports. What a success it's been..... right? Love those Chicago Sky who average 3,656 fans in attendance per game. The WNBA as a whole (14 teams) average 7,931 in attendance per game. Here's some teams that average more than the WNBA average per game:
CHICAGO RUSH - 14,085 per game (AFL Cancelled Season this past year)
DEPAUL BLUE DEMONS BASKETBALL - 8,149 per game (0-16 in Big East Play...don't play on campus)
THE TORONTO ROCK(National Lacrosse League's worst team) - 13,324 in their last home game against the Minnesota Swarm.

The WNBA can't out-draw a bad Canadian lacrosse team....that's pretty sad. The Chicago Slaughter outdrew the Sky 2 weeks ago when they took down the Milwaukee Bonecrushers at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates. The four time champion Houston Comets of the WNBA folded their organization this year and are the 5th team to do so in the 12 year history of the WNBA. Attendance has not had significant growth since 2002 and their only averaging 415,000 viewers on nationally televised games.

The media as a whole doesn't even cover professional women's sports. The four letter network covers the WNBA only because they have a contract with the league. Where do you find WNBA highlights on SC?? AT THE END OF THE BROADCAST ONCE EVERYONE HAS ALREADY TUNED OUT.

Women's professional sports just doesn't sell to the American public and is insignificant in the grand scheme of sport. Sports is, and probably will always be a male dominated field of entertainment. If the Florida Marlins profit more than the LA Sparks....that's an issue.

Sports is like any other survives on profit. You need superstars in your sport in order for it to survive and make profit. Women's sports doesn't have superstars. While men's athletics (MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL) for the most part are living large....women's sports are living paycheck to paycheck like you and I. When you have teams shutting down shop in the top organization of women's athletics...that's an issue.

No one is watching, buying, caring, paying here's a message to women's professional sports...

Here's The Door....GET OUT!


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