Wednesday, August 26, 2009

5 Things The Cubs SHOULD DO The Rest Of 2009

So has the countdown finally ended? Has the bell tolled for the last time on the Cubs season? If a 15-6 loss to the worst team in baseball is any sign....then with a resounding yell I say HELL YEAH!!!

Finally the headaches that come with long nights of utter disappointment are what Hawk Harrellson would say "OVA!" The west coast trips where a team that won 97 ballgames last year can't win 2 total games in San Diego of all places are over. I don't have to watch anymore! Hurray!!!

So since we have 39 games left on the schedule facing not one opponent with a winning record, what would I like to see happen with the friendly ball club on the north side. So many of you have voiced your opinions on the Score and you have been heard. But with new management waiting to officially takeover and the end of another season of disappointment officially on the horizon.....listen's what I'd like to see.

#1 - Play the Vets
You paid em, you play em. As bad of a position they've gotten you in by injury or just a lack of performance all year Soriano/Fukudome/Bradley/Fontenoit/Theriot/Ramirez/Lee/Soto. This way you solve two issues. One being that you're playing the guy you decided to handover large long term deals too, and gives the fans a chance to voice their frustration on a nightly basis at the friendly confines and every stadium around the country.

#2 - Fire Lou Piniella After The Season
If this season has shown anything, it's that Lou doesn't want to manage a ball club anymore. Being a person that HAS to listen to every post game press conference on a daily basis....if I wanted a recap of the game's highlights....I'll watch sports center. If I had a penny for every time I've heard:
"I don't know"
"What do you want me to say"
"I'm not sure about that"
"I've tried everything"
I'd be F'n rich and would have my own site for the Rock Report. The Tampa Mai Tai Tour has to end after this season.

#3 - Be Charitable....Give Refunds
If fans want to leave before the 4th inning of a game at Wrigley Field, you should allow them a 50% refund on the face value of the ticket. How many games have you watched where after the 3rd inning, you pretty much knew the outcome of the game (good or bad). It's alot of them. Between parking, CTA, beer, merchandise, and the ticket price've already out priced most fans from taking their families to a game. Some families I know planned to come later in the year thinking a team that won 97 ballgames last year would be on pace for another run at October. It would be good PR for your fan base plus help with overall moral of the people who trek out to the n side.

#4 - No Post Game Press Conferences Unless It's About Something Impressive
The fans don't want to hear the BS anymore about this year. For too long it's been about IF the Cubs get on a roll. IF the Cubs can get their offense going. IF this and IF's not gonna happen. The Cubs will be lucky to win over 81 ballgames this season....there is no need to hear crap when you know it's cliche crap. Stop wasting the fans time with your nonsense.

and finally......

#5 - A Public Apology
This is indeed the most important thing they can do and should do after the last game. For over 100+ years you have tried and tried again to bring happiness to your ball club's fans and you've failed every year. This year especially by getting rid of FAN FAVORITES Kerry Wood and Mark DeRosa and bringing in Milton Bradley (who we can all agree is not). You grossly overpaid most of your starting 9 (including some on your pitching staff) to where it WILL handcuff you in later years to make quality additions to your ball club. Overall...the fans are not happy even if they still come out 41,000 strong every home game. I would wait for your last home game and have the entire roster come out to the field (management included) and publicly apologize for everything that has happened over the 2009 season. In a forgiving society that we live in....they WILL FORGIVE YOU.

Since the season is's time to make good with the people who keep you in business.


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