Thursday, August 13, 2009

And The Manhunt Begins....

The most wanted man in Chicago is a guy that wears his lid to the right and wears Kanye's white shades. He should be arrested just for that. I'm not that big on fashion, but that's just fugly.

So some clown decides to perfectly time a beer toss while no one is looking that way and now people want names/address/blood type/eye color/age/weight/birthday/sexuality of this guy. WHY?

What good does it do to single out some clown and give him an extra 15 minutes of fame? None. Do I feel sorry for the guy who was falsely accused of the "crime"....of course, but keep in mind that he was taunting Victarino after the incident as well. There were fans cheering the act last night and after the hangover wears off this morning I'm sure are saying "this guy should be burned at the stake for this!!!" Do I feel sorry for tubby who was promptly ejected by Cubs security? Not enough where I demand justice of true "criminal" of the matter. It does nothing to start a witch hunt for the suspect and demand he face his sentence.

Should he be banned from Wrigley Field like many meatball Cubs fans have said? NO. Like any other ballpark there are idiots at every turn...even at US Cellular Field. There is going to be incidents like this like it or not and the best thing to do is just move on and let the incident fade away.

Don't get me wrong, I think the act was (to be frank) bulls**t but in no way does identifying this "fan" do anything but cause more problems. If his name is released I'm sure there are some nuts out there that will track him down, call him relentlessly, heckle him at all times of the day, and for the most part make his life more miserable than it already is. What good does that do? Nothing.

Let's all act like grown ups and remember that idiots will act like idiots.....let's just move on. Sometimes you just can't stop stupidity and lets face it people, all in all it's just an expensive waste of a good cold one.

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