Thursday, August 27, 2009

For The Love Of Jake...Shut It Down

Let's be the realistic, Jake Peavy shouldn't see a major league diamond for the rest of the season. Although I am cautiously optimistic about the trade for the next Chicago White Sox ace, it's just not worth the risk of rushing him back for "possibly" meaningless games and a "possible" playoff game.

As the White Sox continue to slide down the ladder of the AL Central (that's for you Kris) and their playoff chances fade away quicker than my receding hairline, it's just not worth the risk of possibly rushing back a Cy Young pitcher from an injury that has hampered him since mid June.

Looking at the White Sox remaining schedule, if Peavy were to return Friday September 4 against the Boston Red Sox, his spot in the rotation would come up a possible 5-6 times. However by the time September 4th rolls around, the currently 4.5 games back White Sox could easily be 6 back with 3 upcoming games in each the new Yankee Stadium and the Metrodome where as the Detroit Tigers play at home against the Tampa Bay Rays and Cleveland. If you're 6 games back of the Tigers with 27 to the risk of further injury worth a couple of wins?

The White Sox have already rushed back one starting pitcher this season from injury.....Jose Contreras. After rupturing his achilles tendon late last season, many believed IF Contreras were to come back it wouldn't be until mid-June of this season. To every one's surprise however come spring training, who was in camp ready to start pitching right away?? Jose Contreras!! 4 months ahead of schedule!! To hear the words miraculous, spectacular, and shocking thrown around when what should have been said was HOW? WHY? HUH? Contreras was rushed back and promptly started the season losing 5 of his first 6 outings before being sent to AAA Charlotte for a month.

Rushing back players for potential match ups is outright insane. This is a highly paid, highly productive pitcher that the White Sox acquired. There is no reason why Jake Peavy should be rushed into a situation that he's not ready for nor the White Sox may not even be around for talking about a push for the AL Central title.

As sports radio hosts, we always talk about when is the right time to sit players so they can rest up for the next day/next season. In this case, wouldn't it be better to have a for sure 100% healthy Cy Young Award winning pitcher in Jake Peavy ready for spring training than rushing him back against opponents whom only one of which he has a winning record against (Seattle career 4-1)?

It just makes more sense to treat Peavy with kid gloves and play it safe rather than taking any chances on a batted ball hitting him in his pitching elbow. Oh wait....already happened.

I applaud the aggressiveness of the best GM in baseball Kenny Williams, but I'm good with waiting till next year for Peavy.


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