Monday, August 10, 2009

Patrick Kane: Perspective.....

So Patty Kane got arrested in Buffalo, NY Sunday morning and charged with felony robbery and misdemeanor counts of theft and criminal mischief. The incident allegedly happened because the cab driver did not have .20 cents change to give back to Kane and his cousin (James) after a cab ride to an unknown destination.

I'm not here to defend Kane and his alleged actions but working today's Mully and Hanley Morning Show and listening to the response of our listeners, I was shocked to learn how fast people play that morals card they have in their hip pocket. What Kane allegedly did was extremely wrong, but why are we so quick to judge in today's society?

We still haven't heard Kane's assessment of what happened and yet some people were calling for him to be traded this morning. Really?? That's what it's come to?? Everyone wants to nail this KID to the cross because he got aggravated over .20 cents in change? For Shame!

The issue isn't that Kane and his cousin allegedly went nuts on a's that he was drinking at the age of 20!!! It's was funny listening this morning that people were insulted this multi-million dollar BOY went to extreme lengths to beat up a cab driver over a mere .20 cents. Yet when you bring up the issue of a multi-million dollar BOY drinking underage....people laughed it off with the excuse "Who doesn't drink at 20?" "Everyone in Buffalo drinks".

Aren't we missing the point here people?

What we should be more concerned with is the fact that a 20 year old KID was partying on Chippewa Street In Buffalo (a hot spot for a good time) and they served him. 20 YEARS OLD!!!! It just goes to show you that with celebrity comes certain luxuries which in Kane's case involves being able to drink in his hometown underage. That's something that needs to be addressed more than the beating of a Buffalo, NY taxi cab driver. Without the alcohol there is no incident, no mug shot, no court date, no controversy.

Think of when you were a young kid and when you tried to test the limits of life with a couple of beers. I bet you've done something in your life where the influence got to you too. What was the outcome of the event? A lesson in how abusing alcohol can make you do things which you wouldn't do in normal life.....which is indeed what happened Sunday night with James and Pat Kane.

So, to all those who want to berate this KID.....for shame.


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