Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Carlos Zambrano Is Untouchable As Any Chicago Cub.....

Checked out this article in today's New York Post from Joel Sherman (

Near the end of the article, Sherman talks about a Carlos Zambrano rumor and if it could be a possible trade idea for the New York Mets.

"The Mets determined a power bat was their number one quest this off season, but that should have paled to finding a high-end compliment to Johan Santana.

Two AL officials say the Cubs are definitely dangling Carlos Zambrano, who has three years at $53.75 million left. The same officials say Zambrano, for comfort reasons, has no desire to waive his no-trade clause and leave Chicago. But in Santana, Francisco Rodriguez and Kelvim Escobar, the Mets have three pitching friends from Zambrano's native Venezuela to offer for comfort. So maybe there still is a chance to import the volatile but talented Zambrano."

If I am the Chicago Cubs, there is no way I am trading Carlos Zambrano.

If I am the Chicago Cubs, I am especially not trading the ace of my staff Carlos Zambrano to the Mets.

Have you looked at the Mets roster??


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