Friday, December 18, 2009

Everybody's Got A Price....Do You?

Something that I've been throwing around with friends and co-workers as of late is the idea of pay per view sports. Not the WWE or UFC or anything of that sort, but MLB, NBA, and especially the NFL.

Yesterday's thrilling Colts/Jaguars tilt which finished in a 35-31 final kept the undefeated streak alive for Peyton Manning and company. The game was extremely entertaining as both teams fought a back and forth contest which ended with Peyton Manning throwing for four touchdowns and leading his team closer to the promised land.

However most specialty networks like the NFL Network (channel 168 on Comcast HD), still aren't in every home because of fees associated with the channel and the cable/satellite provider. Even with the fact that more people than not do not have the NFL Network, the numbers of viewers remains for the most part the same.

For example, when you compare Sunday Night football (which averages among 14-20 million viewers a night) and Thursday Night Football on the NFL Network (highest game ever 12.1 million viewers), the numbers watching the NFL Network games are creeping up game after game. This proves that football is intoxicating no matter if you have to pay for it.

So, the question that needs to be asked is if the numbers for the NFL Network continues to go up, this is the first sign that NFL fans are willing to pay for their football. What is to stop the NFL from going to a pay per view type of system rather than sticking with the contracts of the national television stations (FOX, CBS, NBC)?


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