Monday, December 14, 2009

When The Outcome Doesn't Matter, The Positives Should Shine More

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Throw out the record books!!

"The greatest rivalry in the National Football League."


Let's take this past Sunday's thriller in proper perspective rather than over blowing everything like we Bear fans tend to do every day after a game. This was a initially a match up of one team who needed a win and one team who needed a challenging scrimmage. The Packers had everything to play for while the Bears didn't. The outcome of the game mattered to only one team yesterday, and that's the truth.

The finality of the game doesn't matter anymore when it comes to Chicago Bears football. The result of the sixteen game season doesn't matter anymore because we all know what's happening next season. For as much time as we spend on harping the same issue, we know it's not going to change. So why do we get upset with the outcome of each game anymore this season?


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