Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Del Negro Shouldn't Fall Alone, John Paxson Must Join The Party....

del negro.jpg
Earlier this year I wrote about needing a reason to care about the NBA (especially the Chicago Bulls) this year. It just seemed to me like most NBA teams are taking the year off and building themselves toward that free agent class of 2010. I guess that is the sentiment that most NBA fans share.

So why should I care about Vinny Del Nergo's job status?

Isn't it the same argument?

Obviously when the season began we (Bulls fans) all knew that the "rumors" about Vinny Del Negro leaving the Bulls were at some point going to be around. We (Bulls fans) all knew for the most part that he would not be the head coach going into the 2010-2011 off season. We (Bulls fans) knew that the Bulls have to bring in a coach that is as much of an attraction to some possible free agents so that the coach could be a selling point for the organization.

So why can't they (Bulls management) make up their minds yet?


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