Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In A Must Win Game, Give Me Carlos Zambrano In Chicago.....

As the sports abyss continues to rage on here in Chicago, we always tend to get into what some call "The Bar Stool Argument." The one you always seem to get into with your buddies over a few Old Styles while playing MLB The Show 2009. A type of sports argument that doesn't have a right or wrong answer yet year in and year out the debate rages on.

We have all been a part of one.

Rank the Chicago's sports teams in popularity.

Who's the greatest running back of all time?

Blondes or brunettes?

Today on The Mully And Hanley Morning Show, the debate was you got one game to win....who is your starting pitcher?

Mark Buehrle, Jake Peavy, or Carlos Zambrano?

Give me Big Z any day of the week with this "stool" argument.


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