Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olympic Ice Hockey Won't Fix NHL's Overall Problem.....

The biggest question to come out of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics is if the public will latch onto any of these sports after the games in British Columbia is over. Millions upon millions of people have been glued to their televisions over the past two weeks where the Olympics viewership number is up by over 14% compared to the 2006 games. Everything from downhill skiing to skeleton competition, droves of Americans have seemed to find a new destination to go to every night for entertainment.

However when talking about the aftermath of these games, what sticks in the collective minds of the American television audience? Since most of these events aren't broadcast on television anyway, the main sport that has garnered the most attention in the media has been the men's ice hockey competition.

What gains are the NHL going to see from these games? Will people start to latch onto ice hockey as they have over the past week or two? Was it worth canceling three weeks of the NHL season to make way for Vancouver?

The answer easily is an emphatic NO.


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