Thursday, February 4, 2010

Leave The Blackhawks Alone, No Need For ANY Trades!!

Without a doubt the Chicago Blackhawks are the best thing going in Chicago sports. The "Madhouse On Madison" is selling out in record numbers and the buzz in the city has not been this high since the early

1990's with the likes of Roenick, Chelios and Belfour. Last year's run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs only helped the "Red Rising" buzz spike into the collective baseball talk of the time with the Blackhawks only to fall to their arch rivals from Detroit in the Western Conference Finals.

This Blackhawks bunch is by far taking what they went through last year and attempting to take the next step forward which in turn could only be the Stanley Cup Finals. Are the Blackhawks a legitimate Stanley Cup contender this season?

There is no doubt that they are, but can the Hawks get better before the trade deadline on March 3rd?

It's time to put away the concerns Hawk fans.....keep this team as is.


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