Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dez Bryant Can't Hate GM Jeff Ireland...He Did His Job....


Props to Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports with his article today revealing some of the questions that potential top draft picks were asked in their pre-draft visits/interviews. Silver talked to many of the top name draftees and some of the questions could be considered outlandish, creepy and outright degrading to some.

For example:

Defensive Tackle Gerald McCoy - "Do you play in a G-string or a jock strap?"

Safety Myron Rolle - "What was it like to desert your team?"

Running Back Toby Gerhart - "Do you feel entitled because you're a white running back?"

(You can read the article by Michael Silver HERE)

However the one question that had made all the rounds on the news wire today was a question asked to wide receiver Dez Bryant from Miami Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland. According to Bryant, he was asked about his mother and if she was a prostitute.

As shocking to some that question would be and as insulted as Bryant was when it was asked, to me anything goes when it comes to interviewing potential employees in the NFL.

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