Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Training Means Nothing. Bring On Baseball!!

I'm about to say something that many baseball fans may agree with and some may think is just a fan siding with the obvious.

Thank god spring training is over.

Seriously!! Between all the drama of White Sox camp and the dullness of Cubs camp, if I had two more weeks (let alone two more days) of what I term "fake baseball" I'd probably start watching the NBA more I'd be so bored.

So far this spring we've had all kinds of stories coming out of Arizona ranging from:

1. Ozzie vs. Kenny
2. Lou's motivation for this season in his final year of his contract
3. Carlos Zambrano telling fans not once but twice he'll be a changed man in 2010.
4. Bobby Jenks is fat. Bobby Jenks is worn down. Bobby Jenks is sober!
5. Kevin Millar should make the squad cause he's great with the media.
6. Ricketts family wanting a Toyota sign in left center.
7. Twitter-Gate....etc etc etc...

What you didn't notice (or at least the grand spectacle of the media didn't) is that there is actually baseball being played during these past six weeks of winter. Even with all the side stories, how much of spring training can you actually believe to be a indication of what's to come in a 162 game baseball season?

Not much.


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