Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bears/Packers National Anthem Causes Senseless Protests.....


If you locked into the world of social networking and are signed up on Twitter with more than a billion people around the world, you know some of the shorthand lingo that people use to fit a complete thought into the 140 character limit. Much of the lingo is derived from text messaging since the use of your phone is very similar to the use of Twitter. For instance:

LOL - "laugh out loud"

TMB - "tweet me back"

F2F - "face to face"

These are just a few of what seems to be an endless second language shared with "tweeps" online on a daily basis.

Yesterday I got into a heated discussion with some of my followers on Twitter about the decision to scrap local artist and American Idol winner from season nine (I do not know that from heart, promise!) Lee Dewyze (@LeeDewyze) from performing the National Anthem at Solider Field instead to bring back Jim Cornelison to perform the song before the Bears/Packers game on Sunday. The conversation and some responses from my followers simply left me SMFH.


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