Friday, January 21, 2011

Three Keys To A Bears Victory Over The Green Bay Packers.....


Finally the week of hype has ended and now all that is on the horizon is the game. I am sorry. I should have written THE GAME instead. The greatest game in Bears Packers history since the last time these two teams hooked up in the playoffs back before our current President was even born. If you were wondering, President Barack Obama did pick the Bears (his favorite NFL team outside the Pittsburgh Steelers) to win 20-17. All the talk, all the press conferences, all the back and forth between Bear Nation and Packer is time to get to business.

It is almost impossible to point out exactly what will be the difference in this game no matter if you are a fair weather fan or the greatest NFL expert around. Most of those NFL experts (I do not consider myself one of those) had the Chicago Bears to finish with no more than nine wins this season anyway. You can talk about everything from trends to field conditions, there is not one singular thing that you can point at to convince me that the Bears will win because of _______ or the Packers will win because of ________.

With that being said, of everything we have heard this week and believe will are my top three things that the Bears must do to head to their first Super Bowl since 2006.


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