Friday, January 7, 2011

Will Chicago Bears Fans Miss Lovie Smith If He Leaves?


Being a head coach of a football team requires certain aspects/traits that many of us simply do not possess. Besides being a teacher of the game of football, coaches also need to be leaders of men. Sometimes that includes becoming the male role model for some players, and sometimes it becomes the male disciplinarian for others. Strength, focus, patience, and work ethic are all quality values that a head coach of a football team needs in his repertoire. Whether it be in the college ranks or the pros, the demand for the best of the best on both levels (college/pro) is something that is incomparable to any other job.

This past winter the talk around Chicago was about the possible firing of Bears head coach Lovie Smith and the outrage by many that the organization decided to stay the course and make changes outside the man in charge. Today with a 11-5 record secured and a first round bye in the playoffs starting this weekend, I wonder if Bears fans attitude and feelings toward Lovie Smith have changed. The question is not whether Lovie Smith should receive a contract extension, but if he leaves will anyone miss him.


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