Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Chicago Bears Will Beat The Seattle Seahawks....Right?


It is NFL playoffs time and here come the Seattle Seahawks! That is right! Call your sons and daughters, batten down the hatches and get yourself ready for the barn burner of all barn burners!!

Wait.....the Bears are playing the Seattle Seahawks? Really? That team that finished the year 7-9 and winning the NFC West becoming the first team to win a division with a sub-.500 record?

YES!! That team!

All season long the debate has been are the Chicago Bears more lucky than an actual good NFL team. While the schedule week in and week out has worked in their favor and the only NFL team to face three third string starting quarterbacks this season, the Chicago Bears are what their record is....11-5. They are the second seed in the NFC and will host the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday at noon for the opportunity to play for a trip to Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, TX on Feb. 6th. There is no way that the Chicago Bears after the year they have had will lose at home to a team they already lost too at the Lakefront this season twice.



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