Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Goodbye Gentleman Jim

I don't wanna rain on any one's parade here, but the Jim Thome love I've seen so far today from almost everyone in the media and heard on the station is just outright insane. For a guy who has only played 3 1/2 years in a Chicago uniform, you would think he's been a White Sox for his entire career.

Sox fans, let's calm down with all the Big Jim Thome love!! He came here and won nothing. He came here and took the organization where?? Although a local and overall sweetheart of a guy, he's wasn't THE GUY.

By THE GUY, I mean a player who spent 10+ years with one organization through the good and the bad. By THE GUY, I mean someone who resembles the personality of the team. A leader, the guy who steps up when no one else will.......that's not Jim Thome.

I can't stand for the people that praise Greg Maddux as a great Chicago Cub, and I can't agree with the people who think Jim Thome was a great Chicago White Sox.

I'll miss Jim Thome cause he is a nice guy in an age of ego, but I'm not gonna miss that contract and his high strikeout totals.

Let's move on from this rebuilding year and look towards the future rather than holding onto the past.



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