Monday, March 15, 2010

How The Amateur Fills Out A March Madness Bracket.....


I love March Madness for the simple fact that it's one of a few sporting events that everyone (and I mean everyone) gets into. Everyone has a team they root for whether they watched a single second of the season or followed it hardcore all season long. Everyone will fill out a bracket for the office pool laying a Lincoln on their picks, and more often than not "Mr. College Basketball" gets beat by Julie who concentrates more on her nails than her paperwork.

That's really why they call it March Madness!!

Now I don't claim to be a NCAA hoops expert of any kind. Much like you I start to get into the sport of college basketball right around the conference tournaments and my NCAA buzz is at it's peak at the first weekend. March Madness is really the only playoff type system where my buzz is higher at the beginning and dwindles away slowly each round.

So like you I filled out my bracket this morning after watching the same selection show you did, reading the same "experts" picks you did, and hearing what all the talking heads had to say. So here is how I (a college basketball amateur) picked the first round of my bracket.

Does my logic fit or am I a complete idiot?


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