Tuesday, March 30, 2010

White Sox Preview: No Playoffs = Ozzie Guillen Must Go

As winter turns to spring and the weather begins to warm, we inch closer and closer to the boys of summer returning to the ball field we all grew up playing on. The beginning of our true national past time is upon us once again here in Chicago as both teams from the north and south prepare for a six month battle to see who indeed will reign supreme.

Chicago baseball fans are not fans of failure and do not accept mediocrity when it comes to their baseball teams. This is a baseball town and for too long on both sides of town we find ourselves looking for the fall guy. We always look for someone to blame because in the last 92 years this town has only produced one world championship with two teams in competition. Expectations are always as high as any other town, but yet we always expect failure.

Simply put, if the White Sox do indeed fail this year by not making the postseason....Ozzie Guillen must go.


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