Friday, March 12, 2010

Ozzie Guillen vs. Kenny Williams Too Scripted To Be True..

When the Chicago White Sox hired Ozzie Guillen most White Sox fans were not too high on "The Wizard Of Oz" taking the reigns when a former World Series winning manager in Cito Gaston was also up for the position. White Sox fans were tired of winning a division every seven to ten years and never getting past the first round of postseason play. Ozzie Guillen at his opening press conference as White Sox manager was quoted as saying:

"Fun is winning and winning is fun. I believe you have fun first and then you win."

What a ride it has been since November of 2003. Six seasons on the south side with winning records in four of them, two playoff appearances and of course the 2005 World Series title. He has single-handedly changed the culture of the South Side Hitmen and his words from time to time have made national headlines.

With his recent appearances on FOX television during last year's World Series and the new reality show in the works (produced by MLB Network). Is the recent "feud" with Ozzie and Kenny merely a scripted plot that we are all falling for?


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