Monday, March 8, 2010

Tyson/Holyfield 3?? More Truth Than Fiction.....

The easiest bar-stool debate to have amongst a group of friends is ranking which sport is more popular than another. In fact in Chicago we have this debate a lot with the recent "Red Rising" of the Chicago Blackhawks, and we compare their popularity to the other teams in town. Hockey for years was considered a dying sport, and some still to this day insist it is. That however can be debunked by the recent success of the television ratings in this past month's Olympics. Baseball for some was considered a dying sport because it was geared more towards older people who grew up with the game rather than the kids today who are more raised on football and extreme sports.

Professional boxing is the one sport that its popularity is hanging by a thread in the United States. Could you name the last PPV you bought or the last fight you saw?

The rise of UFC/MMA has even made the blow worse by attracting the eyes of many younger viewers which boxing needs to survive. The biggest problem for boxing is how do they market an old dying sport and make it attractive to the UFC/MMA crowd?

Answer = "Iron Mike" Tyson


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