Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jim Tressel Suspended For Doing His Job....

You have to wonder sometimes why have rules to begin with because we all break them. For instance driving home today on Lake Shore Drive where the speed limit is 40 MPH, I was easily breaking a law by surpassing the limit to keep up with traffic. Those who prefer transportation by foot in the city for sure have began to cross a street without being signaled to in the first place. Rules are set only because without them, there would be chaos....we think.

College athletics is no different from real life in that the rules that are set are routinely broken. The latest example of such is the suspension of Ohio State (sorry....THE OHIO STATE) University's head football coach Jim Tressel. Tressel was suspended two regular season games by the university for failing to disclose some e-mails he received about student-athletes who sold memorabilia. This latest suspension follows five game suspensions handed out by the NCAA to five Ohio State football players who received improper benefits from a tattoo parlor. Those to-be-suspended players of course were allowed to play in this past January's Sugar Bowl in which Ohio State defeated Arkansas 31-26.

While the debate has gone on for several years now, Tressel's admission of disclosing possible evidence of a violation of NCAA rules is just the latest example of why NCAA athletes should be paid. What Tressel did may have violated the rules of the NCAA, but what he did was in the best interests of what matters to both himself and Ohio State.

The success of the program.

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