Monday, March 28, 2011

The NCAA Couldn't Have Scripted The Final Four Any Better.....


March Madness
is in full effect. You want to know how you can tell? Look at your own bracket and compare it to the real thing.

Who in their right mind would have picked these final four teams in their bracket as the ones who would be standing tall headed to Houston, TX attempting to win college basketball's greatest prize? Some may have picked UCONN and Kentucky based on their runs in their respective conference tournament championships. Some could have picked Butler because of their unpredictable run last year and thought it could carry over to this season. No one could have predicted the last team to enter the tournament field as one of the Final Four.

How many people even knew what VCU stands for?

While some may criticize the way the tournament was seeded or why certain teams got snubbed over others, the NCAA is sitting on a great finish to a mediocre tournament.


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