Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reinsdorf and Williams Will Lose BIG Gamble On Early White Sox Attendance....


As spring officially begins on Sunday morning, the changing of season means that America's past time is right around the corner. Opening day for the Major League Baseball season is now two weeks away and camps in Arizona and Florida are beginning to trim their rosters down to the final 25. As each hour passes in the countdown to first pitch, excitement continues to build as fans look forward to a new season and a fresh start for their respective team.

The 2011 Chicago White Sox are what they have termed "All In". With the off season addition of slugger Adam Dunn and re-signing veterans Paul Konerko and AJ Pierzynski, the White Sox could possibly have the best assembled roster in the American League Central. To have a roster of that caliber, the White Sox have had to raise their payroll to a record high 125 million dollars.

While the White Sox front office is making a large investment in a team that has only made one playoff appearance since winning the 2005 World Series, their logic on how to justify this record payroll is somewhat skewed. How can the Chicago White Sox gamble on their own fans to support the reasoning behind this risky financial decision?

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