Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Proposed NFL Rules Changes On Kickoffs Open Pandora's Box....


I have never seen a league adapt to outside pressures so much than the current day NFL. For example the famous "tuck rule" established after the 2002 AFC Championship Game, or just this past off season when the new OT rules came into affect following an overtime loss to Brett Favre's Minnesota Vikings. The biggest issue outside the current day NFL lockout is the increasing amount of concern about concussions in the sport of football.

Remember this past season where the NFL increased punishment for what was once termed "devastating hits"?

While to longtime football fans and players these new regulations may seem like the NFL is going "soft" on the simple physical nature of the game, the NFL Competition Committee is not stopping there. The NFL is proposing new changes to the game which would affect an entire phase of a team's offensive game.

Could it be the NFL Competition Committee fears the extinction of their game so much that the special teams phase of the game could be abolished?

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